A look at the best ways to train a dog

Dog-training-623x356Training a pet dog is extremely important in order to make it a valued member of your family. Untrained dogs can mean a lot of trouble and hassles to deal with as they wouldn’t know much about how to behave in and outside the home. Furthermore, untrained dogs may mean a lot of complaints from your neighbors as no one would like dogs in their vicinity that behave in an awkward or wild way. Let us take a look at some of the best ways to train a dog and refine its behavior: Short training sessions What a lot of people go wrong at is trying to train their dogs as fast as they can. What they fail to realize is that it’s a dog and not a human being, and its intelligence is limited. It may not be able to take orders in the same way a human does and hence the shorter the training sessions the better. This is due to the fact that short training sessions help the dog absorb most of what he learns in the session while a long training session may mean forgetting almost everything and furthermore, a possibility of ending up confused. Positive training is important Dogs usually tend to listen more to funny and friendly directions and instructions. If you try to be very aggressive or rude with it, chances are that your training sessions may all do the exact opposite of what you intend to do, that is make them go into depression, feel scared all the time, be unfriendly with you, lose their liveliness and so on instead of actually teaching them anything good. Hence, always be positive, encouraging, friendly and polite with your dog while training it. It always seems to fetch considerable and long lasting results without making your dog suffer in any way. Understanding your dog’s mentalityTrain-Dog-to-Hold-Leash It seems that not all types of training are for all types of dogs. Some dogs may be comfortable with some specific training type while some other may be comfortable with other types of training. Understanding what your dog is comfortable with may turn out to be a big plus while training it. After all, if you train your dog according to what it’s comfortable with, the training may become more effective and fetch a considerable amount of results even in a short period of time. Reward for good actions Well, it’s a very popular practice while training a dog. If you reward your dog for good actions, he will probably include them in his behavior. Rewards can mean simply patting your dog, offering milk, calling out encouraging and motivating things and so on. It’s a pretty simple and seemingly basic thing but can turn out to be extremely effective in the long run. Make sure they are no distractions When they are distractions in the surrounding, your dog may not follow your instructions well or stay focused on the training sessions. Hence, it’s also quite important to choose a distraction free time and place for training your dog.