A look at the cat’s independence

A lot of people throughout the world love to have pets. However, deciding to get a pet is just half the job done. The other, and probably even more important part is to decide about which animal to get as a pet. Now though the usual and most common choices are dogs and  cats, they both hardly seem to be having anything in common. Instead, they seem to be way different from each other from different aspects. a cat portrait close upAlso, though a dog is much more lively, active and loyal, a lot of people still prefer a cat over it as their pet, all thanks to the high level of independence it comes with. It is indeed the favorite of those who don’t have a ton of time to spend with their pet on a daily basis. Despite a dog being so very lively and fun to have around, it also comes with a long list of responsibility and is probably the most demanding animal to have as a pet. This is surely not something the people busy with their 9-5 could handle, and hence they decide to go the easier and smoother route by getting themselves a cat as a pet. Let’s have a look at what makes the cat such an independent pet: Less time demanding A cat is known for its independence, and for living pretty well on its own. It doesn’t require the company of someone every now and then to keep itself entertained. Hence, a cat hardly demands any time from its owner, and the family members having a cat as their pet hardly have to worry about spending a considerable amount of time with it. They can live more freely, without worrying about most of the responsibility that comes with a pet, especially when it’s a dog. Calm and quiet This is not something some of you energetic lot will like the most, but some of the peace loving ones are surely going to adore it as a quality. A cat is usually quite calm and quiet, meaning that it won’t disturb you in your work or while watching television every now and then. A dog, on the other hand, can be a real trouble to have if you are someone who doesn’t like to be surrounded with a lot of noise and high level of activity. It is actually a rare thing to see a dog sitting in peace and quiet for a very long time, and hence such a high level of activity, though seen upon as many as their liveliness, can be something near to nuisance for many. Hence, a cat is usually preferred by those who don’t like a lot of noise. Cat on the carpetDoesn’t require much care Another major reason why a cat is believed to be so very independent is that it doesn’t require a lot of care. It’s pretty much able to care for itself. This is a big plus for people who hate to visit the vet specialists every now and then to seek advices and suggestions about what they should do for keeping their pet’s health in a top notch form. Now though caring less doesn’t mean not giving a damn about your cat’s health, but it simply means that you wouldn’t have to deal with as much hassle as you have to when caring for a dog. A final word Hence, one can conclude that a cat is indeed way more independent than dogs, and probably most of the other animals out there people like to have as a pet.