Adopting a New Pet

There are many reasons why you may decide to adopt a pet through pet adoption. You may need a guard dog. You may want to teach your children responsibility. You may be lonely and in need of a companion. Regardless of the reason, you must consider many things before deciding that you are going to adopt a pet. Each animal species is different and its needs will vary. Consider the financial responsibility you will have, and the time and attention your new pet will require to be satisfied. Decide what type of pet you want to adopt. Dogs require a lot of attention, and big ones need room to exercise. Cats can take care of themselves, but may require a litter box and various toys to keep them satisfied. Certain birds are happier alone, while others will be depressed without a mate. Ferrets can be fun, but they do not live as long as many other pet species. Research the animal, and make your choice wisely. Find the pet you would like to adopt. This pet may appear in a newspaper ad, an online classified or at the local humane society. Ask as many questions about the animal as you can, before you decide to adopt it. Are there behavior issues? How good is the health of the animal? How much does it eat? How often? These are some questions you could ask. Complete any required paperwork. Most adoption centers and humane societies will have you apply to adopt an animal before they let you have it. You may be required to answer several pages of questions. These are to ensure that a proper home is found for the animal. Prepare your home for an inspection. Sometimes the current owner, or a staff member of the humane society will want to come and inspect your home. Tidy up the house and make sure everything is safe for the new pet. Return to the humane society, or animal shelter to complete any final paperwork. If your home is approved, you may need to sign one more document or two before they give you the pet. Most of the time, they will require you to get the pet spay or neutered. Sometimes, they will give you a voucher to get this done free of charge as part of the pet adoption fee, other times they may do this themselves before releasing the pet to you.