All about dogs and the liveliness they come with


So you want to know all about dogs? Well, if you intend to get yourself a dog as a pet, then you actually need to know a lot about them beforehand.

Though dogs in general are loved throughout the world, the different breeds of them come with different sets of behaviour and qualities. Also, it’s not just all about them that you need to know, but also what you have in store for them. For instance, a family with small kids would prefer some specific type of dogs, while some other with no kids would prefer different breeds. The below given points explain a great deal about dogs

two beagle
The liveliness factor is common

Now though as mentioned above, different breeds of dogs come with different sets of qualities, almost all of them have one thing in common, which is being lively. After all, dogs are considered to be one of the liveliest animals on the planet. They are quite active, love attention and keep you involved as well. They are not someone who would turn their back on you if you are in a bad mood or don’t care to sit beside them, but they would instead try to cheer you up and play with you. That’s the type of liveliness you can expect from a dog, especially the small and cute ones. There are, however, some particular breeds of dogs that aren’t as lively as some others, but then there are usually picked for more serious work or by very experienced dog owners who have found their taste in something unique and different. Other than that, you can be sure that a dog will usually never make you feel bored.

Also, it is not just the owners and their family dogs love to be lively with, but also the strangers. A lot of times, strangers are overwhelmed by the response they get from a dog during their first meeting. All one needs to do is pat them a little and be kind to them, and they wouldn’t mind a quick friendship for sure.

Hence, liveliness is something that really defines a dog, and helps them distinguish themselves from all other animals, including their long time rival cats.

Other important factors

Though liveliness is something that tempts everyone to get a dog for themselves as a pet, there are still a lot of things one needs to consider before doing so. Some of these important factors are:

The behaviour of the dog

Some breeds of dogs, especially the so called bull dogs, are believed to be quite aggressive by many. However, it might as well just be nothing more than a myth, as suggested by different sources and surveys, but you might still want to be sure if you got small kids at home.


cat and puppy friendship- meeting meet

If you own a very small apartment, getting a very large sized dog might not be a good idea, as they will probably cause a lot of destruction due to the less space they are offered.


Training is indeed a very important factor to consider. If you are someone too busy with your job and no one to look after the dog when you are not at home, you might as well consider not getting a dog at all, as they are lively and need attention, care and training. Training isn’t a one day job and you need to spend a lot of time regularly. Hence, don’t consider getting a dog at all if you are not sure about spending a considerable with him.

The maintenance

Though some of you may not mind it at all, some pet owner need to be sure of how much the maintaining the dog would cost them. After all, some dogs cost way too much and unless you are someone who can spend a few hundred bucks on the maintenance of your dog every month, you will need to consider this factor seriously as well.