All About Going with a Kid Friendly Pet


Kids are precious for parents and all parents want their kids to spend a happy and rewarding childhood. Getting your kids a pet can provide them with a fulfilling and gratifying experience as well as teach them to be responsible and concerned for other’s needs. Pets can be your kid’s best friend and playmate as well as provide them with valuable life lessons. However, you can’t just pick any pet and bring it home. The first and foremost thing you need to consider is your kids preference and secondly you need to ensure that the pet is kid friendly. There are many different types and kinds of pets that you choose.

The most obvious choice for pets is either a cat or a dog. Children love kittens. They are, more or less, independent requiring less care and attention as compared to dogs but needs the same level of commitment. They require regular checkups and immunizations. In terms of space, cats can live in a limited space, alone or in pair. Breeds, usually known as kid friendly, are Abyssinian –responsive and social, American Shorthair – can get along dogs, Burmese- loving and placid and Birman- easygoing.

The most classical pet for children are fluffy and loveable puppies. Dogs are known for their loyalty and protective nature towards their owner. They love to play and are great companions for kids. But not every breed is suitable for kids. The preferable breeds are Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Cocker Spaniels, Pugs and Australian Cattle Dogs. They need regular exercise, checkups and vaccinations.

But cats and dogs are not the only kid friend pets. There are fishes, birds, rabbits and rodents, which can also make excellent pets.

A well-chosen fish can be a good starter pet for your kids. However, not all fishes are suitable for kids. Preferable fish for kids is the Siamese fighting fish. They can adapt to live in isolation with small amount of stagnant water; no heaters, filters or chemicals are needed.

Birds are excellent pets as well. They are intelligent, social and require daily attention (food, water and cleaned cage). Parakeet or canary is good options as a bird pet for kids. They require less care and attention than other species.

Smaller mammals can also be kid friendly pets. They include hamsters, gerbils and guinea pigs. They can live in a small space and require basic care. They are good tempered and low maintenance plus they are fuzzy and friendly. Hamsters can live in solitary, but guinea pigs and gerbils need company.

Rabbits are soft and furry, hence popular among kids. Holland Lops, Dutch and Polish are preferred breed for kids. They are social animals and require less maintenance as they groom themselves and can be litter trained.

There are other options too. Small lizards such as leopard gecko and bearded dragon are passive and low maintenance. Rats are social, learn tricks, play with humans and keep clean. Ant farms are educational and interesting. Small snakes such as corn snakes are warm and fun to play with. Hence, you should choose the right kind of pet for your kids and see a friendship flourish.