All About What a Pet Has in Store for You

Having a pet can be a wonderful experience or a difficult one depending on how ready you are for them. A pet is a responsibility; you need to feed them, ensure that they remain healthy, they get exercise and are occasionally groomed. This article is all about what a pet has in store for you. Things you need to consider while feeding your pet Puppy and kitten and guinea pig A happy pet is a well fed pet. But you cannot just give your pet any type of food. They have nutrition requirements just like you and me. The nutrition needs for a kitten is different from a grown cat and it is different for puppies and dogs as well. Moreover, the breed of the pet also makes a difference. You need to maintain a feeding schedule. Your pet will always be ready to eat. Leaving food out for a pet to eat whenever it wants is called free feeding. Vets actually suggest avoiding it, as it may result in various health problems. Following a fixed feeding schedule is a much better idea, as it doesn’t results in overeating by the pet and helps it stay healthy. It’s also recommended to consult a pet for deciding on the amount and type of food to feed your pet. Dealing with health issues and weird habits Pets can have some peculiar behavior patterns that may turn out to be troublesome. Firstly, you need to ensure that these behaviors are not the result of a health problem. For example, if your cat is urinating outside the litter box, it may be due to a disease called feline lower urinary tract disease (FLUTD). Medicating your pet for a health issue can also have behavioral side effects. An example would be the prescribed medicine prednisone. It causes increased water consumption in dogs which in turn results in increased urination. Dog taking a bath in a bathtubSecondly, you need to be careful about your reward process. Let’s say that if your kitty taps on your face at five in the morning and you get up to feed her, she will surely return the next morning. She has learned that tapping your face at that hour gets her meal. If you don’t go ahead and feed her the time she does that, she will not bother you the next morning. Also, if you rewarded her behavior one morning but not the next, she will probably force her way into making you feed her. This worsened behavior is referred to as extinction burst. The pet uses its entire force for fulfilling the expectation it has due to the past rewarding experiences. It is actually tricky to figure out when to reward your pet. You cannot turn it away every time as it may be trying to tell you that it hasn’t been fed in a while or that it is ill or in pain. A final word These are just some of the various things you need to know about your pet. A pet actually does have a lot of responsibilities in store for you, if not anything else. Hence, the above are some of those points you need to take care of.