Am I a Cat Person?

Once you’ve decided that you are ready to have an animal companion, the next step is to determine what kind of companion you need. And if you have been thinking about getting a cat, then here are a few guidelines for owning cats, find out if you really want to have a cat sunning itself next to you on your desk in the mornings. cat personCats can be trained, right? Yes, it’s possible to train a cat, and in fact, litter box training is necessary. You can also teach them how to use scratching posts, and probably even get them to avoid using their teeth and claws to call the attention of their human family members and guests. However, if you’re out to have your cat do tricks the way a dog would, then sad to say, you might as well just get a dog. You can train a cat, but not in that way. Are cats lovable? Simply put, yes, they are. However, the way they like to show their affection in somewhat reserved, barring playful moments. Do not expect them to go out of their way to greet you if you’ve been gone a long time (though some of them may act that way). But if you want a simple, “quiet” form of affection, such as climbing onto your lap to enjoy an afternoon of being asleep on your thighs while you read a book, then you are definitely a cat person. Are cats easy to take care of? Well, this is a bit of a qualified question. If you acquire your cat as a kitten, then for the first few months, or even the first year, you will need to train your kitten, keep it safe, and make sure it’s always in good health. However, once it puts on a bit of weight and grows a bit larger, it can slowly start taking care of itself, and you will have less of a hands-on involvement in its activities. If it’s an outdoor cat, you should make sure that it has all the shots it needs, and that you and your family should have all the shots necessary in case of scratches and bites. Contrary to popular belief, taking care of a cat does come with considerable economic costs. Does my personality matter when it comes to owning a cat? It definitely does. There’s an old saying that cats are the pet for introverts, while dogs are for extroverts. There might be some truth to that, as dogs are by nature very social pack creatures, who enjoy outdoor activities. Cats are solitary hunters and travelers, and are perfectly at ease with the relative silence and calm of an introvert’s lifestyle. You could say that introverts and cats are made for each other. But you don’t have to be an introvert, really. You just need to understand that for cats, just being there and staying, being dependent on you is already a mark of affection and love. Can cats be lifelong companions? Objectively speaking, they tend to have longer lifespans than dogs, reaching twenty years if taken care of correctly. Some people have grown up with their cats by their side, and for others, they grow old and pass on with their cats as their latter-day companions. So if you think you could live with all that we’ve mentioned about cats, you must be a cat person and are ready to be a cat owner.