An indoor cat vs an outdoor cat

The argument It has been for long a source of debate among the pet owners. There have been arguments for both the sides about allowing the cats to have a nice outdoor life or providing it with a safer yet restrained indoor life. Although both the options have their own pros and cons, there is always one correct option for any pet owner to take. The arguments below will definitely help you to take a correct decision on the kind of lifestyle you wish to provide your cat. British kitten, Christmas and New YearThe old way Isn’t it obvious to us that cats are outdoor animals? Most of the cats prefer to roam around in the neighborhood for long hours and spend their time socializing with other animals in the vicinity. It provides your pet with the natural freedom which the spirit seeks. However there are more risks for your pet outdoors than we can imagine. There is the obvious risk of thieves who may steal your pet to sell it to either some laboratory or new owner. This puts the life of your pet at risk. Besides, there is also the danger from hostile neighbors who may harm the cat. There may be neighborhood street dogs or other wild cats that may injure the cat too. However in the old times, when the people were not so hostile and the probability of street accidents were not so high, people used to prefer allowing their pet an outdoor life. The cats used to have a happier time wandering around and were not restricted in to a single place. However outdoor cats usually have a shorter life than indoor cats. They are very much vulnerable to catching a disease or infection which can abruptly shorten their life. red cat, walking towards camera, isolated in whiteThe shift in the mindset Although in the past, it was comparatively safer for the owners to allow the cat out, in the recent times the obvious risks have caused a shift in the mindset of the pet owners. They have started to restrict the freedom of their pet to ensure more safety. Cats have been known to have an extended life when kept indoors. The owners are able to take better care and provide proper medication at the first signs of any disease. Also the risk of accidental injuries is cut down. However, this comes at the risk of changes in the psychological and behavioral patterns of the pet. They may get easily depressed due to lack of enough space. There is also the lack of social interactions with other cats and animals in the neighborhood which may affect the cat more deeply then we can guess. What’s perfect for you? If you stay around in a neighborhood with low vehicular traffic, warm and animal loving people or a high rise, then you can consider allowing your cat outdoors. However, the safer option will always be to have an indoor cat. Indoor life will be more passive for the cat, but will protect it against the hostile outside environment.