Bad Habits Of Pets Owners


It would startle you to find out that there actually is a how to pet keeping. Isn’t it just to get a little animal, feed it, cuddle it and play with it? No, it’s not. There is really a ‘how’ to keeping a pet. Pets are living orgasms and there are lots of thing to know about them. Things which guide the way they live, grow and taken care of. This however makes some actions or habits detestable or out-rightly bad when it comes to keeping a pet. You would care to know that these habits do not only endanger the pets, but they may also prove to be threatening to you as the keeper. This article will bring a couple of them to your awareness and encourage you to learn a few things about your pets and how to safely and properly keep them.

BEATING YOUR PETS – You must first realize and accept the fact that your pets are not humans; they don’t understand your language and will definitely not know why you hit them when you do so. The only thing you do when you hit your pets is to instill fear into them, which is not healthy for their growth. You must show them love and care when you correct their mistakes.

DIRTINESS – Animals of any kind would not do well with dirty feed and especially dirty water. As any man would not eat unpreserved leftovers or water that has been left open for long, pets shouldn’t be allowed to deal with infections from dirty plates and uncleaned water bowls.

ABANDONING YOUR PET – Why get a pet you won’t keep? Animals also have feelings, we might not be able to interpret them accurately due to communication constraints, but we can be certain that they get hurt too. Abandoning a pet is like jilting your lover. You must know that animals that were brought up as pets; being fed, cared for and all, cannot suddenly grown the instincts to become animals of the wild, hunting, scouring and scavenging for food. In the end, they die of starvation of get eaten by real wild animals.

LOCKING YOUR PETS INDOORS – Can you imagine not feeling a cool fresh breeze blow on your skin for a week? Not seeing the light of the sun, the different shapes of the clouds and the numerous stars, what comes to mind? Prison! Your pets are not prisoners, as a matter of fact, they should be taken to be a part of the family. Keeping your pets indoors all the time will only deprive them of nature and their connection to it. Let your pets out once in a while.

MAKING PETS FIGHT THEMSELVES – This is very uncool and also a huge betrayal of the bond between humans and pets. Making your pets entertain you by fighting one another is not a good thing to do. In the end, animals get wounded and neglected when they can no longer fight. This either bruises the ego of such animal of even kill it.

Animals deserve to be treated with respect and civility. Do not be that person that disregards his pet’s feelings.