Basic Health Care for Your Dog: When a Visit to the Vet Won’t Be Necessary

It pays to know how to take care of your dog to keep him healthy.  This will save you and your pet from unnecessary visits to the vet. Basic Care for Good Health health care dogs The process of how to take care of your dog begins with you knowing and meeting your pet’s basic needs as a responsible owner.  The following, based from the dog care guidelines issued by the APSCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, will ensure basic caring of your dog:
  • Food - Puppies need to eat up to four meals daily.  Feed your puppy two to three months old four times daily.  If he is more than three months but is less than six months, feed your pet thrice daily.  If you pet reaches more than six months and onwards, you may feed him twice daily.  Be sure to know what food is most suitable for your dog.
  • Exercise – This is necessary for all types of dogs, even those which are not particularly, to burn their calories and keep their bodies and minds healthy.  The amount of exercise will vary according to the type or breed of your dog, gender and age, as well as his health condition.
  • Grooming – This is essential to keep your dog clean and free from disease-causing parasites such as fleas and ticks.  Keeping your dog well groomed is crucial to how to take care of your dog.
Some dogs require regular bathing, while others can do well with occasional bathes.  Be sure to brush the coat to prevent matting, and to clean his ears and paws, and trim his nails.
  • Housing – It is best for your pet’s health that you provide him with warm and clean area where he can rest and sleep.  The APSCA as well as other dog specialists recommend the use of a training crate for this purpose. Be sure to clean and sanitize his shelter regularly.
  • Handling –Taking care of your dog involves ensuring that you touch and carry your puppy or your dog the proper way.  Avoid grabbing your dog by his forelegs, tail, or the neck, if you do not wish your pet to suffer from any injuries that will send both of you to the vet.
Tips from the Vets Here are some tips on how to take care of your dog coming from some of the best vets worldwide:
  • Be conscious of your own health requirements such as maintaining your recommended weight. This is because dogs usually reflect the health condition of their owners.  If you are obese, chances are high that your dog carries the extra weight, too.
  • Treatment of ear infection is the most common reason pet owners visit the vets.  Unless the cause is medical in nature, this is easily preventable by cleaning your pet’s ears regularly.  Cleaning the ears is the most neglected aspect of dog grooming.
It is not enough to know how to take care of your dog.  What is more important is that you give your dog proper care and treatment, and satisfy at least the basic dog care health needs.  As a result, you would only have to see the vet only when it is really necessary.