Cat Health 101: 4 Important Things That You Need to Know

When it comes to owning a pet cat, one of the important things that you really need to focus on is their health. These furry pals have special needs, especially on their diet, grooming, checkups, and a whole lot more. Without proper monitoring of their physical condition, your relationship with your pet will be greatly strained. In this article, you will learn about the basics of cat health and the important fitness activities that you need to do.cat1 1. Cats require a lot of protein Unlike dogs which have an adaptable diet, cats are obligate carnivores which mean that they greatly require animal-based protein. Make sure that their diet is rich in food items like meat and fish to keep their body strong and fit. In addition, lessen their vegetable intake. One of the best food sources that you can give your pet is wet cat food. Aside from being rich in animal-based protein, these canned goods also contain adequate amounts of water. Unlike other species, your feline friends have a very low thirst drive. They do not usually drink a lot of water even though they need to be regularly hydrated, that is why they must ingest a water-rich diet too. Avoid making them eat a lot of dry food or kibble. These products are made from plant-based protein, which the cats do not greatly need. Moreover, a lot of brands are filled with carbohydrates, which can make your cat obese. 2. Cats who lose interest in grooming are sick pets Always remember that cats are meticulous creatures who love to keep their coats clean and polished. So when you notice that its fur is greasy and has tangles and knots in various places, then something is wrong with it. Cats who do not groom themselves are usually sick or in pain, so it is recommended to take it to the vet when this happens. In most cases, felines who are too old will also experience this problem due to arthritis. The simple act of maneuvering their bodies to clean themselves may be too tiring or painful for them to do. You can help them out by regularly brushing their fur using a comb. 3. They need regular exercise To prevent them from becoming too overweight and experiencing heart or bone problems, complement their balanced diet with proper exercise. It will not be as complicated as teaching them to lift weights or do push-ups. These could be simple activities like letting them chase their favorite toys for a couple of minutes. You can also provide kitty with a series of shelves to climb on, or cartons to explore. An active kitty is a healthy pet. 4. Some plants can greatly harm cats In the wild, cats have a habit of eating plants and flowers to gain a little bit of fiber. This habit can also be seen with domesticated pets. Unfortunately, not all houseplants are safe for them. Lilies, for instance, have pollen that can cause lethargy and vomiting within 12 hours of ingestion. Dracaena, meanwhile, causes your pets to be depressed and lose their appetite when they munch on the plant’s skinny fronds. Keep your pets away from these plants as much as possible. To wrap things up Owning and taking care of a cat is not just about feeding or cuddling them. It goes way beyond that. In order to be a good pet owner, one must also be able to satisfy their fitness needs. Make sure that your cats have adequate exercise every day to keep their bodies lithe and strong. They should also have a balanced meal that is highly rich in protein and nutrients. Lastly, visit your trusted veterinarian on a regular basis, even though your cats are not sick or in pain. Come visit the comments section and post your tips about taking care of your cats.