Cat-proofing the Home

The term “Curiosity killed the cat,” is a common expression used as a warning to anyone who acts curiously on certain things – so curious to the point that this can literally lead to harm, or worse, lose one’s life. Cute little kitten sleeping on plaid, on bright background This behavior can be compared to a pet cat.  With a cat’s energy to explore things, they have the tendency to turn curiosity into disaster.  This can be dangerous and can lead to risking their lives. To avoid this, cat-proofing the home is the best solution.  Cat-proofing the home is a process of making the house safe for cats to avoid any form of trouble from a cat’s energy and curiosity. Here are some tips to cat-proof the home:
  1. Keep pet cats away from any houseplants.  Cats may play with the soil and can lick or chew the plants that may have poison or toxic chemicals.   Keep plants out of the cat’s reach by hanging them or putting them on shelves.
  1. Ensure that electric cords are secured very well. Cats have the tendency to chew any type of wire.   It is suggested that electrical cords are kept away from the reach of cats.  The best way is to cover these cords or to tape them to the floor to keep them from moving.
  1. Keep pet cats away from garbage.  By nature, cats are good scroungers.  Trash, most especially if not segregated, can be composed of spoiled or toxic wastes.  Other items like thrown or wasted office supplies, strings, threads and needles can also cause the lives of cats.
  1. Store medicines in places that cannot be reached by cats.  Make sure to cap or seal all types of medications, most especially pain relievers.  These can be very dangerous and poisonous to cats.cute kitten isolated on white
  1. Avoid putting house decorations on the floor.  Cats are easily attracted to any type of decorations and can cause them to break.  Broken ornaments can easily be swallowed and can cause death to cats.
  1. Choose safe toys for cats.   They usually love to play with threads, strings and yarn; but these can easily strangle them.  Such items can also be swallowed, and this can lead to an emergency surgery in order to save its life.
  1. Never leave cabinets, drawers or appliances open.  Cats love to hide in secluded places where they can peacefully sleep.  Before using any appliance, make sure that the pet cat is not sleeping inside it.
  1. Keep cats away from anything that can cause fire.  While cats like to stay in warm places, it would be best to keep them away from hot burners, iron or fireplaces.
Cats can also be considered as man’s best friend.  Their sweetness when they rub themselves to one’s legs, the way they jump and get a cuddle from their master, the way they look into the eyes as if they want to say something, are just some of the many ways that prove that cats can communicate with human beings.   Like people, they also need attention, love and care.  Love cats.  They do not only protect people, but they can also make people happy.  Cats living in a safe home can also contribute to having a happy home.