Cats vs. dogs – The facts discovered

The most Preferred Pets While exploring the options for which pet one should have, the top most preference is given to dogs and cats. This is because of the fact that these four legged animals easily fit into your home and can keep you company for your walks. They also offer great company in your blues and you can always cuddle them in your sad and happy times. These facts narrow down your preferences for a house pet to these two animals. However the choice between these two tends to be more difficult. How do you decide which one of them you should prefer as a pet? These few facts discovered by the pet owners and the experts will definitely help you in making the choice.   The Facts Discovered Dog and cat eating food from a bowl   1. Emotional dependency Most of the pet owners have a simple complain. The cats simply do not feel much attachment to the owner. However this isn’t the case. The cats are emotionally independent. They do love their owners, but do not crave for their attention all the time. However in case of dogs, it’s entirely different. The dogs crave for the owners attention. They look up upon their owners as their complete masters. They are much less selfish but much more loyal. And yes! As compared to cats, they will listen to your problems with more attention (even if they don’t understand it). 2. Lifespan While the dog has a lifespan of 11 to 13 years, the cat may live upto 12 to 15 years (on an average). More specific figures depend upon the breed, as some breeds of cat may live upto 25years as well. It is easy to deduce that cats have a longer life than dogs. 3. Usefulness It is widely known that dogs are much more useful pets than cats. Dogs have been known to help Military operations, blind and handicapped people, or as in case of domestic dogs, to guard the house. The same cannot be said about the cats. The only thing that a cat can be useful for is probable to keep the mice away! Thea e Fiona4. The training involved Dogs need to be trained more than the cat. The same applies for something as fundamental as litter training. Cats, most of the time, can do their stuff by instinct alone and doesn’t require a lot of training. 5. Children For those who have children at home, the dogs are much more sporty company; however, some breeds can be harmful as well. The dogs may also fall in love with your children easily and prove to be very amazing friend and protector for the child. In case of cats, it is harmless to leave them in company of the children but they are not fun as well. Conclusion The dogs are more useful and better company for pet owners. However the cats are much less hard work. So it all comes down to the kind of company you would prefer and the amount of time you can invest in training the pet.