Causes Of Underweight In Dogs


Underweight in dogs is definitely a sign of unhealthiness. When you begin to notice that your pet is not growing up to the size of breeds of its age, or is getting lighter in weight, then there is a problem. However, many things could cause this issue. So, we would go over possible causes of underweight in dogs in this article. This information can help you prevent underweight and also help you handle it properly and in time.

Here are a number of things that could cause underweight in dogs.


Have you noticed that your dog doesn’t eat much anymore? A continuous reduction in appetite directly means the dog will not eat enough food to maintain a healthy weight. You can test this to be sure by paying attention to the size of food you give the dog and how much he eats from it. There’s usually a recurrent food wastage when a dog has reduced appetite. Sometimes, he won’t even touch the food at all. This could be due to an illness or because he does not like the food or because he’s yet to adapt to the new environment if it’s a new dog. You can contact your veterinarian for advice on what to do when you notice this.


If your dog is also vomiting or has diarrhea alongside the weight he lost, then he may be underweight because of some kind of gastrointestinal disorder. In cases like this pets may find it hard to eat because swallowing will be difficult and sometimes they may regurgitate frequently while eating.


This will be very evident in dogs that were previously very energetic and playful. Anything could cause them to tire and lose energy, which in turn affects their health. Exercise helps to put the body in perfect shape and health. It also brightens the mood. If the dog does not exercise as much as before, he can become underweight over time. This is why you must pay attention to your pet’s sudden quietness or gentleness. Something may just be wrong.


Dog feed must contain certain nutrients that are responsible for their radiance and growth. If these nutrients are lacking, it will definitely take its toll on the dog. Sometimes it is recommended that you make homemade meals for your dog or to restrict their diet to canned meals, either dry or wet. Whatever you choose must be balanced in providing your dog with all the nutrients he needs. One hack to this is to give your dog a little of everything. However, that may not be a guaranteed solution. So, it is best to consult with your veterinarian for advice on what to feed your dog.

Underweight could cause is definitely unhealthy, but more than that, it could become a big deal if not taken care of. You may have to spend a lot of money and it may also result in the death of your dog. So, always take your pet’s health very seriously.