Chrystal Bowersox is the Teacher’s Pet on American Idol

The Guys Were Treated Unfairly If you have been watching the show, then you should already be aware of the love affair between Chrystal Bowersox and the judges. Bowersox is the "teachers pet", if I may say so. She got sick and had to bale on the show. Has this ever happened before? Please let me know because I've never heard of it. I thought that if something like that happens, it means you have quit the contest. I don't mean to sound unsympathetic. I am a diabetic and I can relate to having neuropathy, blurred vision, upset stomach, and swollen feet. I know it's hard to get used to a different diet. You can't eat potatoes,cheese, or ice cream. There are some alternatives for sugar and milk foods but you have to pay more for them ninety percent of the time. Yes, I was submitted to the hospital the day I went and found out that I had type two diabetes. I lost my vision for four days but not all together. I couldn't read any words. Everything got blurry. I could still tell when someone entered the room. I got my eating under control and everything came back to normal. I'm not on the shot anymore and my blood pressure is a lot better. Whenever I want to get out of doing something, I find myself using the diabetic thing as an excuse. I'm not saying that she done that. I know she doesn't like the attention from singing on television plus it's keeping her away from her family. Ryan Seacrest did a good job talking to her. People need a "coach" or a mentor to help them through things. Simon Cowell gives the contestants a lot of criticism but it's meant to drive the performer to the direction of improvement. Simon tares them down and Ryan Seacrest is their emotional guide. Let's look at this from the view of the other American Idols. Let's pretend that you are Andrew Garcia and the stagehands or whoever it might have been came and told you that you have to perform tonight instead of tomorrow night. Maybe they had more notice than that, I don't know. The point is that American Idol changed their schedule around to accommodate their "golden goose". As one of the contestants, wouldn't that make you have mixed feelings? Now you got to hurry up with some kind of half baked rehearsals in you're dressing room. It shouldn't be that big a deal since they had all week to get ready for the show but it still shows favoritism. Now if she does win it, there will be rumors of the show being fixed. I'm not making light of her diabetic condition. Diabetes is a serious illness and should never be joked about. I'm voting for Mike Lynche anyway.