Comforting Grieving Pet Owners after the Death of a Cat: What to Avoid Saying


The grieving process can be especially hard for cat owners who have grown attached to their cats over the years. But the grieving process can be compounded by well-meaning people who think that they are being helpful, but who end up saying the same thing. Are you one of them?

What to Avoid Saying to Cat Owners Who Are Grieving the Death of Their Cat: You’ll Save a Packet on Vet Bills

It does not matter whether Kitty cost her owners just a few dollars on her annual vaccinations or several hundred dollars as she was treated for cancer; the truth of the matter is that cat owners will not take too kindly to being told that the death of their cat will save them money and time spent rushing the cat to the local vet’s. Cat owners often view their cats as part of the family and any money spent in an effort to help provide them with a better quality of life should not be underestimated.

What to Avoid Saying to Cat Owners Who Are Grieving the Death of Their Cat: My Friend’s Cat Just Gave Birth. Do You Want a New Kitten?

Many well meaning friends and family members want to do what they can to help and often think that a new cat will help fill the void that the dead cat has left. While some cat owners are amenable to the idea of eventually obtaining a new cat, many would rather not plunge right into cat ownership again very soon after their cat’s death. By all means, keep the grieving cat owners in mind if you hear of the birth of a litter of kittens during the weeks or months following their cat’s death. But do not think that it will be the immediate solution to their woes as they get used to life without their cat.

What to Avoid Saying to Cat Owners Who Are Grieving the Death of Their Cat: The Cat is Better Off Dead

Would you say this to someone whose mother had just died? If not, then refrain from saying this to cat owners who have just lost their cat. The thought behind this statement might really be “Kitty is better off now she is no longer suffering, as she had lost her appetite and had lost so much weight”. But it can come across as very harsh and unfeeling to cat owners who would rather have their cat with them rather than dead.

Cat owners who have recently lost their cat need empathy and support. Listen as they talk through their feelings and do not offer any unsolicited advice or make comments that can be taken as offensive.