Dogs Toys That You Can Make At Home


There are many reasons that may push you to making your own homemade toys for pets. Sometimes you just want to save on that and other times, you could do it for the fun.

However, regardless of why you want to make homemade toys for your lovely dog, you must make sure you consider safety for you, your children (if you have any), and the dog.

  1. You can make a pet toy by getting an empty plastic bottle, and wrapping it with a T-shirt, or any other piece of cloth. Many puppies like the sound this toy makes when it is tossed at they or when they play with it on their own.
  2. You can also make a toy by putting dog treats in a cereal box and taping it. Leave it for the dog to play with and tear, so that the treats can be found. This is mostly a one use kind of toy, because it gets destroyed.
  3. Braid a couple of old t-shirts together and toss it at the dog. They will enjoy playing with it.
  4. If you have a towel that you don’t use anymore, don’t turn it into a rag. Instead, make a pup toy by knotting the towel and tossing it at your dog.
  5. Get a couple of dried pieces of sweet potatoes, and attach them to a rope. (You can pattern it anyhow). The dog will continue to chew it because of the sweet potatoes on it, but won’t stop chewing the rope. A perfect way to keep the pup busy.
  6. If your dog likes to fetch things, then make a pup toy by putting an empty plastic bottle in a sock and knotting it at the head. You can throw this and have you puppy fetch it.
  7. You can also knot a sock into a ball and leave the dog to play with it. Puppies sometimes just hold the sock tightly and struggle with it. It is believed that they enjoy doing this.
  8. You can make a ring with a rope or two and toss it at your pup to play with.
  9. Puppies also love to play with a small bow. Although big enough for them not to swallow. Also, don’t use this for dogs that chew wildly or heavily.
  10. You can make a bouncy ball out of an old T-shirt and toss it at your pup or throw it and let the pup fetch it.
  11. You can also make a toy from a tennis ball and a rope. You can tie the rope up and let the ball dangle towards the dog. He will enjoy trying to get it and how it moves when he pushes it.
  12. A jug! Just a jug could be the perfect toy for your dog. Running around with the jug is enough to entertain a dog. Sometimes, when it drops, it gives them more chances to play and validate themselves.

Overall, make sure you don’t make a toy that can be swallowed or that is sharp enough to hurt the dog.