Fall Season Tips for Pet Safety

How to Keep Your Outdoor Pets Safe in Autumn Pet safety is very important all the year round. It is even more important to think about in the Fall weather. Things change quite a bit and keeping your outdoor pet safe in Fall can be a challenge. The good news is that it's not impossible to do though! Fall Outdoor Pet Safety Tip #1: Water Needs It is horrible for your outdoor pet to become dehydrated. You can check the coat by lifting it. If it doesn't fall back immediately but kind of slumps there, your pet is probably getting dehydrated. This can cause kidney and bladder problems and make your pet sick. During the summer everyone is really good about making sure that their pet has plenty of water. But in the Fall weather, people don't tend to leave out as much water cause the weather is cooler and it doesn't seem as important. The first pet safety tip is to make sure you leave out tons of clean water for you pet. You don't want your pet to ever go without water. Fall Outdoor Pet Safety Tip #2: Foot Protection Did you know that your outdoor pets can get frost bite? Their poor little pads of their feet are always on that cold and hard ground. Sure they toughen up but not so much that it will keep them from getting frost bite. How would you like to walk around barefoot all during the winter and fall months? For your pet safety it is important to get your pet some little socks or even little boots to put on their feet during the cold months. They deserve to have their feet protected. After your outdoor pets figures out that they are warmer, you should not have any problems with them taking off the new shoes. There are many places that sell this type of animal clothing. Fall Outdoor Pet Safety Tip #3: Blankets Put plenty of clean and warm blankets in the outside houses. You should clean these every couple of days. It is actually best to just rotate them daily. You don't want them full of dirt and bugs. If it rains, the blankets will get damp from your outdoor pet being wet. Be sure to change the blankets twice during the day to keep a dry one in there for your outdoor pets. You don't want your pet laying on a frozen blanket. That will make them sick.