Find a Cat Breed that Perfectly Matches your Personality

If you are planning to get a cat for a pet, it is always best to choose the breed that perfectly matches everything about you.  Grooming, temperament, and activity are also key factors that you need to assess before heading to your local shelter or pet store. Here are cat breeds and their corresponding qualities. Knowing some of their key characteristics will enable you to pick one that matches not only your personality, but your lifestyle and daily routines as well.catpartner
  • Maine Coon
Maine coons are very responsive during interaction with humans. They are very energetic as they love being around people. They are friendly and exhibit dog-like behaviors that are very unusual in cats. Although they are not much of attention seekers, Maine coons love to be a part of interactions happening around them.
  • British Shorthair
If you have a busy and tight schedule but would still like to go home to a cute and cuddly fur baby, you may want to consider choosing the independent but busy British Shorthairs. They are cool and quiet cats that do not like to be handled so much by humans. They are good with a bit of socializing and cuddling, and are perfect for people who have a lot going on in their lives as well.
  • Japanese Bobtail
If you are an adventurer who loves to see new places and faces, the Japanese Bobtail is an excellent companion. Like you, they love to wander and travel to unfamiliar places. Despite their adventurous spirits, these cats are very gentle and quiet. You will definitely enjoy discovering new places alongside these adorable fur balls.
  • Turkish Angora
Almost all cats, regardless of breed, are stubborn and persistent, but nothing compares to that of the Turkish Angora.  These cats desire to be constantly in charge of everything. They seek attention from their pet parents especially when they need something such as food, shelter, or play time. If you are looking for a cat that is both stubborn and lovable, the Turkish Angora is certainly the best breed for you.
  • Burmese Catsragdoll
If you have children in the house, you may want to get them a Burmese cat for a pet. This breed is known to be highly sociable in nature.  They are very energetic cats which mean they will need to have play mates all the time. Children will love Burmese cats as they are not only cuddly but are ever ready to play at any time of day.
  • Ragdoll
If you want a cat that longs for your arrival from work each and every day, then a Ragdoll is the best cat breed for you.  This breed constantly carves for love and attention from humans. Ragdolls are cats that love belly rubs and lots of cuddle from their humans. They are so attached to their pet parents that they even sleep beside them in bed.