Food You Should Never Feed Your Cat

Knowing the basics of good cat nutrition involves being aware of food items that are detrimental to feline health and wellness. Pet parents should bear in mind that some foods which are tasty and edible for humans may be poison to cats. This is one of the reasons why experts recommend cat owners to feed their babies with specially formulated dry and wet food for cats if poison

This list includes common food items that may cause illness and even sudden death in cats: Tuna Although animated cartoons depict cats to love tuna so much, this fish from the sea is actually harmful to cats. Pet owners are advised to feed cats with tuna once in a while, but it should never be their food staple. Tuna, although loaded in protein, does not contain all of the vitamins and minerals that cats need for healthy growth and development. Make sure that you cat eats other food items in combination with tuna. Onions, Garlic, and Chives Onions contain chemicals that destroy a cat’s red blood cells. Even a small amount of onion can lead to severe feline anemia. This condition makes cats more susceptible to other diseases as well. This is also true when cats are fed with meals that contain garlic and chives. Milk Believe it or not milk is not recommended to be given to older cats. Kittens have the ability of tolerating lactose, but older cats simply cannot handle milk well. Ingestion of milk among older cats often causes diarrhea and stomach upset. Bones from chicken, fish, and other meat sources Large, hard bones, when quickly ingested by cats, may cause obstruction as well as laceration of the gastrointestinal system. Cheese Just like milk, cheese contains lactose which senior cats are unable to tolerate on the long term. Alcohol Obviously, alcohol is a substance that is contraindicated to cats. Ingestion of alcohol may cause permanent damage to a cat’s liver and brain tissues. For instance, a teaspoon of whisky is known to induce coma in medium to large cat breeds. Grapes Grapes as well as raisins are known to induce the development of kidney failure among cats. This fruit contains chemicals that inhibit the normal functioning of a cat’s liver. If left untreated, kidney disease due to ingestion of too much grapes can cause to death. Dog Food Why feed cats with dog foods in the first place? Dogs have different nutritional requirements when compared alongside that of cats. The nutrients found in dog food are not compatible to the vitamins and minerals that cats need on a daily basis. Cats who are fed with dog food regularly suffer from malnutrition and cardiovascular diseases. Iron Supplements Human multivitamins that contain high amounts of iron should never be given to your fur babies. For one, humans have a more complex nutritional and dietary need than cats. If you’re cat is suffering from anemia, it is recommended to visit the veterinarian instead so they can be prescribed with vitamins in their ideal doses. High amounts of iron is extremely toxic to cats as evidenced by the development of serious liver and kidney failure.