Getting Rid Of Tick On Your Pet


You may not be able to control the contact of your pet with ticks, especially if your pet goes outdoor. This does not mean you have to allow your pet live as a permanent tick host, suffering from tick bites. When you don’t attend to the issue of ticks easily, it gets worse. Some species of tick can lay up to five thousand eggs at one go. The first and best advice on any pet health issue is to check in with a veterinarian. There are however, easy ways to get rid of tick on your pet that this article will show you.


This is useful when the ticks are not grown on when little unnoticeable nymphs are stuck in the fur of your pet. It doesn’t kill ticks, but it will help you make sure there are no hidden ticks on your pet. You can apply this by pouring a cup of baking soda into a warm bath water and then soak your pet in it for about twenty minutes.


This definitely kills ticks! However it may not be immediate, because the tick will have to make contact with it before it starts working. It dehydrates the tick until it dies. This remedy is quite easy to get and very natural too.


Ticks have been reported to be able to stay alive even when washed with water. Even hot water has been said to not have any effects on them. However, using liquid detergents like dish detergents can remove and kill ticks by blocking their nostrils and suffocating them. Make sure you do not use shampoo because it can damage your pet’s skin.


Although ticks can survive in water and in the washer, they can’t stand heat (especially dry heat). Ticks die easily and quickly in the dryer at 54 to 85 degrees Celsius (or 129 to 185 degree Fahrenheit). This method kills both adult and nymph ticks in about five minutes.


Just like heat, very hot steam is also very deadly to ticks and other pests. If there’s tick in your house and not just on your pet, you may not be able to put your house in a dryer. You may also not want to use insecticides if you are allergic or if you have children. You can get a steamer and use it on the different possible hide outs, the nook and cranny of your house, furniture, wall cracks, curtains etc., to kill the tick in your home. This technique can also kill bed bugs and other pests in your home. Most importantly, you can use it again whenever you need it.


Essential oils may not kill ticks, but they repel them. This may be a very nice prevention because it will also make your home smell nice. An example is Rose geranium which smells nice and takes only a few drops to keep ticks off your pet. Others include tea tree oil, lemongrass, eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme and garlic oil.

Pets are happier, more adorable and definitely healthier without ticks on them.