Hollywood Hounds: A List of Famous Dogs in the Entertainment Industry

You will know that dogs are the most popular pets, as Hollywood prides itself with its hounds.  Here are the Hollywood hounds that made it to the top list of the famous dogs the entertainment industry.
  1. Lassie – is perhaps the most famous dog in Hollywood.  This smart dog made her debut in Hollywood during the 40’s, in a film whose title carried her name, and featured one of the famous Hollywood personalities of all time, Elizabeth Taylor. Lassie is a collie, an intelligent breed.famous dogs
  2. Rin-Tin-Tin – is a German Shepherd,who is one of the all-time famous dogs.   Rin-Tin-Tin became a phenomenal dog superstar appearing in more or less 27 Hollywood movies.  His success in the box-office made German Shepherds one of the more popular breeds worldwide.
  3. Scooby Doo – from Hanna-Barbera, this Great Dane dog is a hit among children.  The dog (Scooby Doo) and his pet owner (Shaggy) share several similar characteristics.  This also happens in real life where pets usually mimic the character traits as well as the health condition of their owners.
  4. Snoopy – who does not know Snoopy, the iconic Peanut character and one of the most famous dogs not just in Hollywood but also worldwide?  This beagle started as a typical pet dog, and then his character evolved to become of the most articulate. In real life, dogs can learn up to 250 words.
  5. Eddie – is a Jack Russell Terrier (JRT) that starred in the comedy-hit series, “Frazier”.   Eddie was the loyal companion and the partner-in-crime of Martin in the series.  Just like any breed, JRTs are loyal, but they can also be noisy.  This breed is a problem-solver, though.
  6. Beethoven – belongs to large breed dogs, St. Bernard’s specifically.  He was a misbehaving dog in his own series albeit in a charming way.  In real life, these dogs are affectionate and extremely friendly with proper socialization.
  7. Toto- Dorothy’s pet in the classic film, the Wizard of Oz.  Toto belongs to the breed Cairn Terrier, popular for their extreme friendliness and irresistible charm.  Born naturally curious, Cairn Terriers are fast learners.  No wonder the producers picked a dog from this breed to play the part.
  8. Einstein- or Einie of Back to the Future is one of the more famous dogs in the mixed breed category.  In the movie, Einstein only eats canned food.  Doc Brown also invented an automatic dog feeder for his pet.  Today, automatic dog feeders help stimulate the intelligence of dogs, and can form part of their training.
  9. Benji – this is a role that went to a shelter dog, and then later to the dog’s offspring.  His popularity increased the awareness of people to the plight and condition of abandoned dogs, and it helped encouraged potential pet owners to get their pets from the shelters.
  10. Dalmatians – are dogs from the movie, 101 Dalmatians.  Similar to their role in the film, Dalmatians are also smart dogs in real life.  Their expression is both intelligent and alert, and they run fast.  They belong to the high-energy breeds, and can be stubborn at times, but this does not make them less famous dogs.