How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog


Bathing your dog may be one of the most stressful things to do as a pet owner, being that it doesn’t seem like dogs love to be bathed. Every person around the place of a dog’s bath will share out of the messy event, not to speak of the person bathing the dog. This might make you want to ask, ‘How often should I bathe my dog?’. In this article, our answer will be that it depends. You may also want to ask ‘…on what?’ This is what this article explains.

You may not even need to bathe your dog if it has not skin problems and does not have contact with germs, but there not way to be sure of that. So, you could bathe your dog to satisfy your curiosity that it is safer and cleaner and also healthier for you to play with. Also, you should bathe your dog because it makes your inspection of its skin and body (including eyes, ears and teeth) easier. As the fur is all wet and lying down, you will be able to access and inspect for abnormal skin changes and also take the necessary actions in time.

If your dog has no fur or normal skin, you can bathe the dog once every month, using a dog shampoo or a human baby shampoo. However, if you bath the dog more than once, the dog may have a dry skin if you keep using the dog shampoo or human baby shampoo. You will need a moisturizing shampoo to make sure your dog does not develop a dry skin due to excessive bathing.

Sometimes you may need to bathe your dog for more than once in a week if you are trying to control or eliminate an odor. Manufacturers of dog shampoo have specific products that are made to save the dog’s skin. You may need to seek the help of a vetenarian in choosing the right product for your dog.

Having an allergic family member or housemate can be a reason for very frequent baths. If you don’t have your dog bathed and groomed in time, you may have to deal with that person wheezing and sneezing all around the house when they get close to the dog. So, you may have to keep bathing your dog very frequently to ensure safety.

Lastly, the breed of the dog can also determine the frequency of the baths. Shitzus, Yorkies, Afghans and Maltese are examples of breeds that need to be bathed at least one time every week because their skin does not repel dirt as much as other dogs like the Collies and Shelties who have harsh-textured skin that can repel dirt. However, the dogs with harsh texture can be bathed just once a month.

You need to bathe your dog simple because, a clean dog is a happy dog.