How to Determine If Your Pet Doctor is Right for Your Pet

When you are at the veterinarian's office, make sure that the veterinarian listens to everything that you tell him or her - about the symptoms that your pet has. It is also important - how a veterinarian treats your pet - after taking your pet out of its pet carrier. Does your pet's doctor treat your pet with love and care? Make sure that your pet gets the proper care, that it needs and deserves, and that your pet's doctor gives the proper attention - when it comes to finding out why your pet has the symptoms - that your pet has. Be sure to ask questions to your veterinarian - when you don't understand something. Have the veterinarian answer all of your questions and concerns - before you leave the doctor's office. Before leaving - make sure that your veterinarian tells you everything that you need to know, in order to take the very best care of your pet, such as - if your pet needs medicine, and how to administer your pet's medicine. Also, have the veterinarian answer all of your questions and concerns, before you and your pet leave the doctor's office. You also want to know how to take good care of your pet - when you get your pet home. For example: If it is okay to have the air conditioner on. How much food should you give your pet, and what type of food. If your pet should drink milk, ask the veterinarian how much you need to give to your pet, or if your pet shouldn't have milk at all. Some veterinarians do suggest that your pet does not have any milk at all, when your pet has certain sicknesses. The reason that I have picked this topic is because my husband and I had a 3 month old kitten, that we both loved and cherished very much. I had taken her (Artemis) to the veterinarian. They looked her over, and took her temperature.. They didn't give her the proper care, such as - they only checked her breathing, weight, and temperature, when they should have done more. They did say that she did have an upper respiratory infection. What they didn't check - is why her poor head kept bobbing, and why it looked as if her heart was pounding from the outside. My husband and I went to a different veterinarian, even though our kitten had passed away on August 4, 2009. I asked this veterinarian questions; and told him the symptoms that dear Artemis had. I asked this veterinarian what would he have done, if I had brought her to him to take care of, instead. This veterinarian told me - that it would depend on how the kitten's symptoms were. If the symptoms were bad, he would have done more. This veterinarian told me - that from the sounds of what I had told him - that they would have done more than what the other veterinarian had done. This veterinarian asked me questions - to find out what the other veterinarian did for Artemis. This veterinarian told me that Artemis (our dear kitten) should have gotten more treatment than she did. The veterinarian that I took Artemis to - didn't bother to listen to what I had told him - about her symptoms. He knew that she was only 3 pounds. I showed the veterinarian and his assistant - pictures of how Artemis looked before she got sick. She had more weight on her then. She was just really, really sick - and here I was - trying to get her to get better. I stayed up with her every night - watching her, loving her, and caring for her. Carrying her to bed with me - like she was my baby, because to me - she was my baby. I love animals. They have feelings, as well as we do. The veterinarian that I took Artemis to, also told me - that she may have leukemia, and that it was best to put her to sleep. That made me angry. I almost took her out of the office then. They didn't even run any tests - to find out if she even had leukemia. The other veterinarian that I later talked to on the telephone - told me - that he would have to run tests to see if a cat has leukemia, or any other disease. After all of this, and losing my beloved pet, Artemis, I knew that I should have taken her there - instead of the other veterinarian that I took her to. The doctor may now blame himself for not giving Artemis more tests - to see what was wrong with her, and perhaps have saved her life. This is my story, and my love for Artemis, and other animals, is why I picked this topic. That way, hopefully, we can save the lives of more of our pets.