How To Ensure That Your Dog Feels Loved


It is important to keep your dog in check by loving and respecting it in your actions and relations with it. Dogs have a mind of their own, so they can be depressed or be pushed to behave rashly when they are not treated well. If this happens, it is to the detriment of you, the dog and the community. So, it is best to make sure that it does not happen. How do we ensure this? There are some steps to take to ensure constantly that a dog feels loved, and here are some of them:

Do not starve your dog – Some dog owners treat their dogs without regard, leaving it to starve until they have the time to give them something to eat. It should not be so. Hunger and starvation can make a dog attack anyone or anything. You would not be able to justifiably blame the dog if that happens. Feed your dog regularly, and do it frequently yourself. Feeding your dog yourself also helps you create a bond, because it is beloved that a dog listens to the person that feeds it more easily.


Register your dog and give him a collar – This is so that it never gets lost. With a collar that has an inscription or tag around its neck, anyone that finds your dog when, if it wanders off and gets lost, can help you trace his home for him. Also, depending on where you live, you might need to register your dog to show that you own him if any issues come up. The process of registration and the requirements depend on the state, so do well to find it out, and do it in time.

Do not punish your dog by beating on it – Dogs should not be beaten for their offenses. Trying to correct a dog by coercion is mostly in effective because the dog cannot understand why it is being beaten, and you cannot perfectly explain it to him. Also, beating a dog can push it into a state of fear. So, he is scared to do anything because he does not want to get anything. In the end, the dog might be suffering from low self-esteem, and depression, which is definitely not a feeling of love. So, try other correctional means.


Do not neglect the basic needs of your dog – A dog has basic needs that must be met. These are some of the things that keep him in order and that ensures him that he is in a loving environment. Needs such as a soft and clean place to sleep, the need to urinate or pass excretal, be bathed, brushed, exercised, etc., must be met. When these needs are met, the dog will be able to keep it together and would be sure that he is loved.

Spend time with your dog – This is the ultimate requirement for helping your dog feel loved. If you love someone, you would and should spend time with them. The bond between you and your dog is strengthen when you spend time together.

If you love your dog, there is a hundred percent guarantee that he will love you right back!