How to Find the Perfect Pet for You: A Guide

Are you having trouble finding your ideal furry best friend? There are many places to adopt pets from, and you may not know of a few. Yes, there are humane societies (and pet stores, but do NOT go there!), but did you know that there are also private foster home based rescues and private animal sanctuaries? In this article we will explore the various amounts of different ways that you can go about searching for your perfect pet. Petfinder Petfinder is by far one of the best online resources if you want to find a pet to adopt near you. All you have to do is simply type in your zip code or city and state, and specify what kind of pet you are looking for. After you do that, you get to see a list of matching pets near your location and which rescue they belong to- it really is an amazing resource! Not only does the website have a rescued pet directory, it also has a learning center where you can learn about how to care for the different types of pets that are featured on the website. Best Friends Animal Society The reason I mention this specific sanctuary is that it is SO big nationally, and it has a wide array of several different kinds of rescued domestic animals, including horses, parrots, pigs, rabbits, and the more common pets such as dogs and cats. The cool thing about Best Friends is that you can come visit them in Utah and have a 'sleepover' with a specific pet, where you keep him or her overnight before you adopt him or her to see if your friendship will work out (keep in mind, though, that being introduced to new people can be stressful for pets! Don't expect the animal you are considering to be absolutely perfect!). There are a number of pets that require you to visit the sanctuary first before you adopt them to see how it will work out, but the majority of the rescued animals do not require a sanctuary visit. I would recommend visiting the sanctuary anyway, because its location in Utah is absolutely gorgeous and really very breathtaking. I sincerely hope that you will check out these two adoption resources; trust me when I say that they are a great way to find your perfect pet.