How to Find Your Pet a Shirt

So your dog looks naked while he is out in the yard or at the store. Now granted you want to find him a shirt, but do not know where to begin your search. Depending on the size of your dog will determine where you will be able to find a shirt for your dog. I know that I have a couple of very large dogs, an English Mastiff and Labrador retriever, and one little small Yorkshire Poodle. So I have a wide variety of challenges in finding a shirt for my dogs. Now for my little Yorkshire Poodle I would recommend trying to hold off on purchasing any clothing for them until they are full grown. I know I purchased some clothing and a coat for him in the extra small choice that was recommended, but now that he is full grown he doesn't fit into them at all. However, if you cannot wait to purchase some clothing for a small dog then you can check the local pet stores, however prices on them can tend to be high. Now the place that I found some of my best pet clothing though has been in the baby section for my small dog. For searching the baby section of the clothing department stores you will try to figure out if your dog will fit into the clothing before purchasing. For instance I know that my little Yorkshire Poodle can fit in a six to twelve month shirt. Now this option is a lot cheaper for me and if you're lucky you can even catch the clothes on clearance saving a bundle of money. Now for my large breed dogs I have harder time finding clothing for them. From what I have seen in the pet store they typically do not carry a large enough selection to find a nice shirt for my dogs. So I did have to look into the men's department in stores. Now here you can find some of the lower cost tee-shirts that will look really good on your dog. Not only that the neck hole on the cheaper tee- shirts can be cut to allow more room for your dog's neck to fit. I know with my English Mastiff I did have to do that to a Large Tee-shirt to get it to fit him. However, the Extra Large clothing I have not had to modify at all. Finding your dog a shirt to wear to help keep him a little bit warmer or drier is fairly easy to do. I know from my own experience that if I check the clearance racks at the store I tend to do a little bit better deal wise. Now the pet store does have the shirts with the little funny dog sayings on them or funny pictures, but they do tend to cost more from my own experience.