How To Help Your Dog Before And After Giving Birth


It is absolutely exciting and emotional to watch your dog give birth. Especially if it’s your first time. However, the cute pregnant dog does not need you to be emotional. You would actually need to help. Here are some tips to keeping both mother and puppies safe before and after delivery.

CHECK UP – You cannot be so sure about the dog’s pregnancy, so you need a professional veterinarian to confirm the pregnancy. Unlike humans, almost all pets give birth at home, but they also need medical attention. You need to schedule the dog with your veterinarian for a checkup and for advice on what steps to take off the dog happens to be pregnant.

PREPARE A NESTING AREA – Once you confirm that the dog is pregnant, you must begin to prepare for delivery. A week before the stickers time of delivery, you should make a nesting area with a couple of towels and blankets in a box. This will be the nesting area and it should be very convenient, private and quiet. Put feeding items, food and water around the area to make it easy for her to settle in. Also, include puppy food in her meals.

KEEP AN EYE ON HER – She could go into labor at any point in time. So make it an habit to always check her from time to time; even in the night. If you happen to be there when she’s giving birth, watch but don’t interfere. She might not be convenient with you hovering.

MAKE SURE THE PUPPIES ARE CLEAN SOONER – Most times, dogs clean their babies by treating the sacks and licking off the blood on the bodies. However there is no guarantee that this will happen. So, if it doesn’t, you might have to step in. Tear off the sack and rub the bodies vigorously to make sure the puppies are breathing. Then tie off the umbilical cord few inches away from the puppies and cut it off with a sterilized scissors. Also count the puppies and make sure they’re suckling. It is also important not to bath the mother after birth.

TAKING CARE OF THE PLACENTA – Your first instinct may be to dispose the placenta in order to make the area clean sooner. However, one of the fastest ways for the dog to get back to shape is to eat the placenta of the puppies. The dog might not eat any or all of the placenta; so if it is untouched after a while, dispose it.

KEEP THE PUPPIES WARM – Puppies and their mothers do not usually leave the birthing area for a few days after the delivery, and they are sharp not able to control their temperature at this stage. So you need to keep them warm with a heat lamp. Also keep them away from other dogs.

TAKE THE MOTHER FOR CHECK UP – You need to know if she’s in good shape because you can really say if she had any complications that might affect her healing.

Your veterinarian should advise you on what food to feed the mother and her puppies, and other health tips.