How To Make Friends With An Unfriendly Dog


Just like we have human beings who are not very friendly, there are dogs who may not be very interested in interacting with people. It is nothing really serious, and this doesn’t make them dangerous. Dogs also have feelings, although we may not be able to understand them totally.

The same way that unfriendly humans fall in love with people and eventually become friends or even more than friends with them, dogs can also make friends despite their initial unfriendliness.

However, there are ways to go about it, which will be revealed in this article as you read on.

One way to get the attention of the dog is to be around, but not focus all attention on the dog. You may not approach the dog head on and directly, but you can go sideways or with a partial slant.

Don’t rush to try and touch or relate with the dog. Approach him gently or slowly, giving the dog enough time to understand your body language or smell you. The dog may need to build trust before relating with you. If you rush, the dog may become violent with fear and self-defense, especially if you are a total stranger.

Don’t fix your eyes on the dog. Don’t look at him for too long especially if you are a stranger. You can give short and friendly glance with a smile from time to time. You can also blink at the dog or wink. When a dog notices the softness in how you look at it, it will reduce his defensive attitude and give you the chance to make friends.

Standing over or bending over a dog can be intimidating and can make the dog very defensive. Instead, come down to its level, either by sitting or squatting. Allow him to smell your body at will and don’t forcibly touch the dog. This can send a friendly and safe message to the dog.

When a dog barks at you, don’t react in a way that will trigger more barking. Yelling or shouting due to fear or fidgeting can also raise the threat level in your dog. Always speak calmly to the dog, and ignore his wild barking to allow him feel more convenient.

Don’t make any particular advances towards the dog. Just sit around still reading or using your phone. When the dog sees you not during anything dangerous for a while, he will get used to you and begin to trust you. This way, you are also giving the dog the chance to make friends with you first.

Lastly, be patient. Patience could also mean accepting whatever outcome in this case. Don’t try to force the dog to get used to you. Especially not by touch or fondling the dog. He could get really wild. You have to allow the dog to trust you and allow you to make friends with him. However, you can also use treats or pet toys to get dogs to like you.