How to Start Your Own Pet Sitting Service

A Home Business with a Heart Working from home includes many benefits. You can make your own schedule, even choosing to only work a few days a week if needed. You can be your own boss, and name your rate. A pet sitting service is a wonderful way for individuals who love animals to work their dream job and make a good living in the mean time. When starting a pet sitting service, there are a few things you should keep in mind. Always start by getting organized. You will have clients soon enough, so start by planning your business hours. If you do not do this for yourself, you will soon find that clients will have you working day and night. If you are flexible, you may want to allow after hours or long term, 24 hour jobs with additional fees. This is a good time to set up a simple, but workable website. You can set up your own website for free by doing a search engine search for free websites. They will even walk you through it. You will want to list all fees, and services, giving your potential clients a sample of the services you are willing to provide. Give a small profile of yourself. They will want to get to know the person that they are trusting with their precious pets. You will need a separate email address for your new business. You will want to have your name in the address. The more businesslike you seem, the more seriously everyone will take you. You may even want to link a new number to a cell phone to keep your call separate from your family life. Next, you will want to decide on your rates. One of the biggest mistakes is selling yourself short. You may want to be a bit sneaky and call up your competition and see what they charge. Comparing your rates to other pet sitters in the area will do nothing but help you in finding out what the going rate is. Advertising is your next step in success. You will need clients. You can count on word of mouth once you are well established, but until then, you will need to get your foot in the door. Your best bet is to list on free on line marketplaces such as Craigslist. You can also get the word out by contacting people you know and asking if they know of anyone who needs your help. Check with people at your work, school, or church. There are usually a lot more people available to you than you may think. Develop a reputation. Do what you say, when you say it. Animal lovers are passionate people. Once they trust you, they will pass on your reliability to every other pet owner they know. You will be covered up in business soon enough, so build slow, and build wise. Take care of people, and you will always have work. It doesn't hurt to make friends with the competition. They may have sick days when they refer people to you. You may need help as well from time to time. Pay it forward and you will always come out on top. Pet sitting can be a full and rewarding career.