How To Take Care Of A Crippled Dog


The sight of a crippled or paralysed dog can be disheartening. Just like there are many human beings with crippled legs or paralysis, dogs and other animals are also prone to this condition. If this happens, someone must take care of the victims of this unpleasant experience.

Whether you have a dog that is crippled at home or you would like to help crippled dogs if you come across them, or if you just want to know for the purpose of unexpected situations in future, you will benefit from this article, as it contains detailed information on taking care of crippled dogs.


Cleanliness is very important for everyone including pets. Crippled dogs however, cannot care for themselves as much as other dogs, so they will need some help. You need to attend to their cleanliness if you want to be healthy and comfortable.

A crippled dog should be bathed every three days or thereabout. However, the dog’s skin may begin to get dry. So, it is recommended that you get a moisturising spray or a moisturising shampoo to maintain your pet’s skin. You could also ask your veterinarian for advice. You could use a baby wipe on your dog’s skin to reduce frequent bathing.

Also, clean urine stains immediately or try to use a dog diaper. Use a bedding material that is less likely to absorb liquid and wash it regularly.


Most crippled or paralyzed dogs are unable to urinate on their own because the body is usually numbed and they have no control of it. Sometimes, the urine comes out voluntarily when the bladder is full. However, this is unhealthy as it may damage both the bladder and kidneys, apart from the inconvenience your dog will be subjected to.

In most cases, crippled dogs are expressed three to four times in a day but it should only be done according to a veterinarian’s guide. Not all crippled dogs need to be expressed, so get your veterinarian to decide what you should do.


The use of a dog wheelchair, cart or harness can do more than help a dog walk around. It can also make the dog happier. As humans, we would do anything to be able to live like other people if we had a disability.


A wheelchair is perfect for a dog that has the paralysis in his hind legs. With a stronger upper body and front legs, he can pull the paralysed part of his body aided by the wheelchair, as he walks.

A harness is also very useful in walking your dog. It is effective for whatever part of the body is paralysed. It is attached to brace the crippled part up and to enable you to lift that part while the dog walks with the legs that are good.

Whatever you think could be the problem in your crippled dog, please make sure to ask your veterinarian before taking any action.