How To Take Care Of A Dog In Illness


Every pet deserves to be healthy, and when they are ill, they deserve to be taken care of. It is also very normal to assume that every dog owner wants the best for their pets, but not every dog owner knows how to care for their dog when it is sick. This is why this article has been put together to educate all and sundry about how to take care of a dog in illness. Find the tips below.

Stop feeding the dog when it is vomiting – Diarrhea is common in sick dogs. It is probably one of the things you should look out for when you’re beginning to notice illness. It you do notice vomiting, stop feeding the dog. Giving the dog more food can stimulate more vomiting, so it is best to withhold all kinds of foods from the dog. This can be done for up to twenty-four hours, while close observation for others symptoms is being carried out.

Don’t withhold water – This must be mentioned because many people categorize water as a kind of food. Water is one of the most essential things in life, even for dogs. As a human being cannot do without water for a certain period of time, so do dogs. Particularly, dogs that are ill must rather take water frequently no matter what. So, if you stop feeding your sick dog because of diarrhea, don’t withdraw water from him. Make sure there is enough water available, and make sure the water is clean.

Feed your dog on bland diet – Your dog may be reacting to a kind of food, so it is best to give him a bland diet. This is also very important for dogs that had diarrhea. The bland diet can be introduced when the condition is better. This bland diet is basically one third of protein, and two third: starch. This can be gotten easily from for such as boiled ham or fatless chicken (protein) mixed with plain white rice (starch), etc.

Watch to observe wastes – It is important to take note of the number of times that your dog defecates or urinate. These might be one of the things you would need to report to your veterinarian. Sometimes dogs excrete very frequently or urinate too often. It might be important to note how many times they do, and if possible; why they do or what circumstances surround the time that they do.

Reduce your dog’s going around and exercises – Doing too much work will definitely make your dog weak. It is important that your dog gets quality rest, so that he can heal quickly and be healthy again. You might enforce this by using a leash to restrict its movement to a short distance. This will also help you monitor the defecation and urination as mentioned in the previous post.

Asides all the above mentioned, do not forget to alert your veterinarian when you notice or suspect illness in your dog. It is the most important thing to do.