How Well Do you Know your Cat?

How well do you know your cat?  Are you sure you know every little detail about it?  Here is a compilation of things you would want to know about cats: 1. Cats can communicate their feelings through their gestures.  If a cat crouches low to the ground, it means that it is feeling uncomfortable.  If a cat stands on its toes, it means it wants to be carried.  When its hairs are raised or its tail is pulled out, it is a sign of defense.  If the tail is quivering, it means that the cat is showing adoration to its master. Kitten in a basket with balls of yarn 2. Cats can sense earthquakes.  The foot pads of a cat are very sensitive that they can easily detect the vibrations of the earth.  So never take it for granted when you see your cat react.  An earthquake may just be happening. 3. A cat’s meow can be very manipulative.  Continuous meows may mean that they are hungry and are asking for something to eat.  When cats purr, this can already be a sign of contentment. 4. While human beings do the handshake when they are introduced to each other, nose-to-nose are cats’ ways of getting to know other cats. 5. Cats can swallow and digest food even if they do not chew them.  Fruits that are cut into small pieces can be healthy for them. They also do not like to eat sweet stuff. 6. Cats can get sick or die from eating chocolates.  It is best to keep them away from any kind of sweets. 7. A strip of raw meat each day can keep their gums and teeth healthy.  You can also brush their teeth using a toothbrush with soft bristles and a special toothpaste for pets. Cute little kitten sitting near the nipple with milk 8. Cats can tolerate heat.  Their ancestors originally lived in the deserts. 9. Teaching and disciplining your cat may require lots of patience and kindness. Never shout or hit them as this will cause them to be afraid of you.  One way of disciplining your cat is by using a spray bottle with water.  When a cat is caught doing something naughty, gently spray a water unto its face.  Cats will automatically associate the wrong behavior when done at the right timing. 10. Touching a cat is an important way of communicating with them.  You can gently scratch the skin at the top of its head.  They also like their ears to be gently pulled.  Scratching under their collars also gives them loads of pleasure. When having a cat as a pet, make sure to spend time with it. Your cat needs all the attention and interaction every single day.  Take time to play with your cat.  You can use many cat toys but ensure that they are safe for your cat.  Talking with your cat also helps develop a bond.  Touching and grooming your cat makes it feel special and loved.  Love cats because you will be surprised how much love can be given back to you.