Immortalize Your Pet with Its Own Tombstone

Pets now-a-days are a regular member of the family, sort of like a son or daughter. A pet that dies needs to be grieved the appropriate way as well as receive a proper burial. If you are looking for a great way to treasure your pet even in death, then consider giving them a headstone with a funeral. You can make your own headstone or hire a professional. Just make sure to choose a design that fits both yours and the pet's memory the best. If you are someone that is living on a budget, you can make a headstone for your pet yourself. Try making one by casting in craft cement. You canmake many different statues and shapes or just make a simple headstone to honor your pet. Making the headstone for your pet can really give it that personal touch and also help you grieve a little easier. A paw print headstone is something that can be made by using the paw of the pet. You should have this one made at a crematorium or some other contractor that knows how to do this. This kind of headstone should be made when the pet died so you can get an exact replica of the pet's paw. You then use the replica to make an imprint for the headstone made of cement. Another choice that some pet owners are choosing are sculptures of the dog. It can be made large or small, depending on what the owner wants and it can be used on the headstone. This one is something that will require the help of a sculptor so you may want to check into that as soon as your pet passes. Photo imprints are an amazing way to immortalize your pet forever and even on a tombstone. You can make your own resin cast and then make into the tombstone. It can be done by a professional and you need to choose a picture of your pet that portrays it the best during the best health and time of its life. Etching and engraving must be done on the tombstone; if you can do that great and if not, professionals will be happy to do it for you. You can also have a drawing of your pet placed on the tombstone. Either way it is sure to be a great way to display the memory of your beloved pet!