Is a Chihuahua a Good Family Pet?

The origin of the chihuahua isn't known, but it is believe to have originated in Mexico and named for the Chihuahuan desert. They are the only breed that does not have a height requirement to be classified as pure bred Chihuahua, but they are usually six and ten inches. There is a weight requirement, however; the dog must be under six pounds to be pure bred. Some pet quality chihuahuas may be over six pounds due to overfeeding or lack of show quality breeding. Chihuahuas can have either long or short hair but neither requires grooming or trimming. According to the AKC, a chihuahua can be solid or marked and be a variety of colors such as red, brown, black, tan, fawn, or white. Chihuahuas tend to attach themselves to one person and become protective of that person. They will see anyone else, including children, as a threat to their owner. They don't tend to get along with other dog breeds, but will get along with other chihuahuas pretty easily. Chihuahua enjoy a lot of attention and petting. They like to cuddle with their owner or in a warm bed with their own blanket. They do not make a good pet for busy households where it would be left alone for long periods of the day. Chihuahuas are tolerant of children if the children are calm and able to give the dog its own personal space. They are also small enough that an older child can walk the dog with supervision and the dog will not pull on a leash and harm a child. Since chihuahuas crave attention, it will be tolerant of gentle attention from children and love being the center of attention while they play. Chihuahuas are not known as good family pets, butthey can be. If your children are older and are able to understand when the dog needs to be left alone they can be a great family pet. Their small size makes them nonthreatening to children and they won't harm a child by jumping on them or pulling on a leash. If you have a busy household with a lot of people coming over and many extracurricular activities that will have the dog alone for many hours a day, the chihuahua may not be the best fit for your family. Our family just got a rescue chihuahua and I was worried about having three children, but so far the dog has been very tolerant of them. It has learned to enjoy being pushed in the baby doll stroller and likes to play outside with the children. I do have to remind them that when he comes to me to lie down it means he needs a nap and left alone for a while. I will stay cautious as the puppy grows to be an adult dog, but I think we may have found a good tempered dog and a good fit for our family.