Is a Ferret the Right Pet for Your Child?

You see them in almost every pet store in every mall in the country. Normally they can be found in a big furry pile sleeping soundly while kids clamber about begging to hold one. Before you submit to your child's begging and pleading you must ask yourself "is this the right pet for my family?" The first thing you must consider is, if you have children, is my child old enough for a pet? Ferrets are fairly self sufficient. They do not need to be taken for a walk like dogs. They can be trained to use a litter box like cats. They do require a bit more interaction than cats. Be sure your child and the rest of your family are able to devote some time to interact with your ferret. Ferrets are primarily social animals. They live for your attention. If you cannot spend at least an hour a day with your ferret, you may want to consider buying another one to keep it company. Ferrets love to romp and play with one another. Ferrets like to play, and they like to play rough. You can often see them dragging one another about by the scruff of the neck- do not be alarmed, this is normal. Unless they are drawing blood or screaming out in pain, they are most likely just playing. Ferrets have very small and very sharp teeth. Consider the age and responsibility of your child before you leave them unattended with a ferret. They will often start out with an innocent lick then out of nowhere they will latch on. They are not being mean and evil, they are merely trying to play. Normally the best thing to do is when you see them start to lick an arm or hand, watch them closely for signs of biting. As soon as they start to bite scold them loudly to discourage this behavior. If you decide that a ferret is in fact the right pet for you, be careful. That one cute ferret will eventually become two. Then the two will soon become three as their personalities are very infectious and you will simply want more and more. This is known as ferret multiplication. If you have a large cage and a loving family, 3 ferrets are just as easy to take care of as one. Make sure they are well fed, have plenty of water and love. A ferret can be the perfect pet for your children, just make sure your child is the right owner for a ferret.