Keeping an Iguana as a Pet

Are you looking for a different kind of pet? If you are not scared of reptiles then you can consider keeping an Iguana as a pet. Iguanas are increasingly becoming popular with people who are looking for exotic pets. Even though they appear scary, they are usually docile and gentle. Before you bring an Iguana home you must do some research whether it is the right pet for you. Since they are not common pets, there's usually a dearth of good information on pet Iguanas and their upkeep. Here is some information on pet Iguanas to help you decide whether you can keep one as a pet. The first thing you must take note of is that Iguana is a reptile so it will require special care and diet. Like other reptiles, Iguanas are cold blooded so their body temperature is ever changing according to the changes in the atmosphere temperature. So you must keep him in a warm and comfortable place where there is no drastic change in temperature. Next you must remember that you have to train your Iguana so that it is not hostile towards you. The training must begin from the very first day you bring him home. Remember that Iguanas are from wild habitat so you need to tame him. Try to make him comfortable so that he is calm when you approach him. To achieve this you need to handle him frequently, pet him and talk to him gently. Do not shout or try to scare him away. If he becomes aggressive for any reason do not lose your cool and handle the situation calmly. The basic idea is to make your Iguana feel at home so that he starts liking you and your family members. Iguanas are not fussy eaters so you can give them different kinds of foods. In their natural habitat, they feed on vegetables, fruits and flowers so try to give your pet Iguana different kinds of diets on a daily basis. Iguanas require lot of protein in their diet so you can consult your vet whether you need to give your pet any supplement. You must keep in mind that Iguanas can grow really big. If you cannot afford to keep a large pet then you need to reconsider your decision of owning an Iguana. Also they have healthy lifespan so they are usually a long term commitment. One worry associated with owning an Iguana is salmonella; which many reptiles carry in their intestinal tracts. Iguanas can carry salmonella and generally they do not pass it to humans. But you must take precaution while handling your pet Iguana. Wash your hands thoroughly after handling him. You must have a provision to dispose his stools in a hygienic way. If you have young children or pregnant women in your house ask them to follow the same precautions while handling him.