Keeping The Environment Sociable For Your Dog In Illness


The sociability of a dog should not be affected when he is sick. Unfortunately, it is limited in most of such situations. A dog needs to feel good to get well soon. How good a dog feels, does not necessarily interest many dog owners during sickness, because they just want him or her to get well quickly. This is not totally abhorring, but it is not so great either. How good a dog feels directly affects emotional health, which in turn takes its toll on both mental and physical health. Basically, a dog that feels good, will definitely get well quicker than a dog that does not feel good.

So, how do you go about taking advantage of this knowledge? How exactly do you make your dog feel good despite its illness?

Considering the fact that a sick dog cannot do a lot of moving around or playing, you will have to make this happen within its limited space. You will have to create an environment that is sociable, and that encourages positivity. Here are some tips to making your sick dog’s environment sociable.

SURROUND HIM WITH FAMILIAR THINGS – A familiar environment has a way of telling the brain not to panic, and that one is in a safe environment. This also happens with dogs. Pick out some of your dog’s favorite toys and use them to decorate his surroundings. He will be able to play with them in his convenience, and he will be happy despite the situation.


KEEP THE ENVIRONMENT CLEAN – Sick dogs are sensitive to dirt. How clean your dog’s environment is sometimes show how much you care about your dog. It does not just show it to people, but your dog also evaluate you by this yardstick. Clean out the bed space. Empty the litter box often. These little things make your dog feel better.

SPEND TIME WITH YOUR DOG – More than any other time, your dog needs your attention during illness. You need to show them that their current predicament is not in any way their fault, and that you are with them through it. They need to see that you will take care of them. You need to show them that they are not neglected or deserted. You need to show your dog that you love him. All these can only be achieved by spending quality time with your dog. You might not do anything but comb or brush his fur, or massage his body, it doesn’t matter, what matters is that you spend time together.

KEEP YOUR DOG AWAY FROM HOSTILITY – Hostility in this sense could mean things, people (strangers), or even other dogs. Make sure nothing endangers your dog, and that nothing poses a threat in any way.

Convenience is very key to happiness, while happiness is a part of good health. A healthy dog is a happy dog. Keep your dog happy, if you want him to stay healthy.