Keeping Your Pet Fish Alive When You’re on Vacation

Keeping fish alive for a week or two week can be hard to do. People don't like to bring family or friends over while they are on vacation just to feed their fish. I would suggest going to a fish store and picking up items you need a few days before you go on vacation. You will either need to buy fish feeders or you will need to buy automatic fish feeders and put fish flakes inside of them. They will turn every day and feed the fish flakes while you are gone. You need to remember to keep the feeders on the opposite sides of the bubbler or they will clog with water and the fish feeder will stop working. You will need to take a look at your fish before you leave for vacation. If you notice that their fins are torn or they have white speckles on their gills or fins you will need to give them medication for fin rot and ich. Make sure that your bubbler, filter and heaters are working properly before you leave for vacation. If your power goes out the filter may kick back on along with everything else. I wouldn't suggest putting everything on a plug in that can be shut off with a button because your other animals, dogs and cats, can shut off the power strips and cut off bubblers and filters. You will want to change the water at least 20 percent before you leave for vacation. You can purchase feeders which you put in your tank which last up to 2 weeks but I would grab several of them. Put them in areas away from bubblers so that they don't disperse as fast. The 3 days feeders are usually gone in one day. Fish can go a few days without eating but you can't leave them alone for weeks without feeding your fish. You will need to give them quite a bit of food before you leave but don't give them a lot of excess food because it will make the water cloudy and all the levels in the fish tank will go up while you are gone. You will need to purchase either fish feeders you place in the bottom of the tank or automatic fish feeders which spin on the top of the tank. If you buy ones for the top of the tank you run the risk of them not working right or falling off. If you place several 2 week feeders in the tank and you feed them the day that you leave your fish will be alright until you get home as long as you aren't gone more than 14 days.