More US Pet Foods Recalled as Other Countries Report Pet Illness from Tainted Foods

More pet foods have been recalled as of April 20 because of concerns about tainted rice protein complex used in their products. Royal Canin, a premium brand sold only in specialty stores that previously had recalled one prescription diet has added its Sensible Choice dog food to the recall. Recalled Royal Canin dog foods include: Chicken Meal & Rice Formula Senior Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Puppy Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Adult Lamb Meal & Rice Formula Senior Rice & Catfish Meal Formula Adult They have also recalled prescription diets for dogs including Canine Early Cardiac EC 22™ and Canine Skin Support SS21™as well as the prescription cat diet Feline Hypoallergenic HP23™. In South Africa, 29 cases of pet renal failure have been attributed to melamine tainted corn gluten from the same Chinese sources as the tainted wheat gluten and rice protein complex causing havoc in the US. The 29 renal failure cases in South Africa affected pets eating Royal Canin dry food for both dogs and cats. The contaminated corn gluten was purchased by Royal Canin from a South African pet food manufacturer who purchased the tainted ingredients from China. While no cases of death or illness in the US has been reported from pet foods containing tainted corn gluten, pet owners are urged to check their current pet foods for corn gluten. If you have a concern about the food you are feeding your pet, you should contact the company or check their website. Many pet food companies are posting daily updates to their websites and some have set up special hotlines customers can call for information. Another pet food company, Blue Buffalo, has recalled its Spa Select brand dry kitten food because it contains the tainted rice protein complex. All bags of Spa Select kitten food marked "Best Used By Mar. 07 08 B" should be immediately returned to place of purchase. Blue Buffalo is one of four companies that purchased the tainted rice protein complex from the Wilbur-Ellis company in California who received the tainted rice protein complex from a Chinese supplier. The FDA reports that not all the tainted rice protein complex shipments have been accounted for, so the list of recalled pet foods could continue to grow. Senator Dick Durbin from Illinois is currently writing legislation that would greatly increase the FDA's oversight of pet food manufacturing and set stricter standards for the safety testing of pet food. Since the tainted pet food epidemic began he has been a strong advocate of initiating more laws and standards to oversee pet food manufacturing. In them meantime, pet owners in the US and now in South Africa, wait anxiously to see what food will be recalled next.