My Pet Peeves

I was recently asked what my pet peeves are. I've never really given them much thought collectively, so here goes. I apologize in advance for the harsh tone, but peeves are peeves. Unanswered e-mail To this day this is still something I don't understand. I write someone an e-mail with some questions in it, with the reasonable expectation that they'll reply back. Only they never do. I don't understand how they think that's acceptable. Morning radio There's nothing worse than waking up to a pair of jackass DJs as you try to find some good music on your ride to work in the morning. Thank God for Jack FM. Potholes They really suck. When people say "anywhoo" For some reason, I really hate the sound of this brutally modified adverb. No turn signals This is really more a problem in Tennessee, where new drivers are not required to undergo basic driver training, which still shocks me. Anyway, not using your turn signal is simply a communication breakdown that can lead to an accident (especially in Tennessee). I also just think it's proper courtesy to let me know that you're about to turn right even though you're showing no signs of slowing, and I could avoid a fender-bender and possibly go around you had I known this. Security stickers Have you noticed in recent years how every CD and DVD you buy has at least three security stickers that you must remove before listening or watching the product? I try to remove them as carefully as I can so that no mucky residue is left behind, but usually it's impossible to avoid. Anyway, thumbprint scans shouldn't be too far in the future. People who don't use punctuation, especially commas I've seen this with people I work with they write these sentences without any kind of punctuation at all all they need is a comma here and there and it would do wonders with the comprehension of their writing crazy