Nature’s Miracle Advanced Pet Stain Remover Licks the Spot!

Got Pets? You NEED Nature's Miracle Advanced! If you've got a pet, any pet - a dog, a cat, a hamster, gerbil, bunny, ferret or rat - then you NEED Nature's Miracle Advanced Stain and Odor Remover. This is not the original Nature's Miracle - a good product, but not nearly as strong. This is the new one, the one in the red bottle. It was costly - just under $40 (with tax) for a gallon and it's not a concentrate, so you don't get to stretch it by mixing it with water. Because of the price, I was hesitant when I bought my first jug. But now I'm so glad I did. I have a golden retriever, Andy, and he's a very good boy. He's definitely house trained and he's normally very careful about it. But he does have this one weakness: When there are fireworks or even thunder storms making those big, scary noises in the sky, he just loses all sense of decorum, squats and makes a potty-puddle deep enough to roll up your jeans and wade in. Ugh! I have used Nature's Miracle Pet Stain and Odor Remover, the original, white bottle concentrate, for years for a number of goldens. It was good, but never seemed to completely do the job. The smell would come back over time. A dirty spot would develop. Repeated applications would only help temporarily. But now this new formulation comes along and it's absolutely terrific! I buy my Nature's Miracle Advanced Pet Stain and Odor Remover in the big, red gallon size, then pour part of it into a smaller spray bottle that I keep handy, along with a scrub brush devoted to just this use. When my scaredy-cat dog squats in terror and leaves a big, smelly puddle, I quickly soak up as much of it as possible with paper towels or an old rag and then get out the Nature's Miracle Advanced. I squirt it on very liberally, making sure to really soak the area where the urine went as well as an inch or two around it to make sure I get it all. Then I use the scrub brush to lightly work it into the carpet a little deeper. Then I just let it go. I have found, while it may remain wet for a few days, when it's gone, it's really gone. No smell, no odor, no nothing! And I'm no longer grumpy with my Andy! Natures Miracle Advanced has truly been a miracle for me. I also had a female golden that urinated on my carpet in just one room years ago while she was pregnant. I had treated that poor carpet over and over again with the original Nature's Miracle formula, but the results were always temporary. I used other cleaners over the years, had it professionally cleaned a time or two, pulled up the carpet and cleaned it from the back and even replaced the padding, but still the stains and that awful odor would return. But since finding Nature's Miracle Advanced, I was able to get rid of those spots and that disgusting smell once and for all. So if you've got a puppy you're housebreaking, a kitty that sprays, a bunny that dribbles ... Nature's Miracle Advanced will really, really help you. Nature's Miracle Advanced Pet Stain and Odor Remover is safe for your pets, it works on urine, feces and vomit, it is said to remove pet pheromones and discourage your pets from coming back to the spot to resoil it. It may seem a little expensive, but it truly does the job. I can't recommend Nature's Miracle Advanced Pet Stain and Odor Remover highly enough!