Pet Grooming Guide: Nails, Ears, Teeth and Glands

Our pets can suffer from some pretty annoying problems, it is our job as responsible owners to try and help our pets overcome these issues. If you don't have the know how or the courage to take care of the issues then have your groomer or you veterinarian do it for you. Nail clipping, chronic bad breath, ear cleaning and anal gland cleaning is not a pleasant task for pet owners, but it is something that must be done to keep your pet feeling his best. Most of the time, groomers will take care of these issues and put it under the same bill with the hair clipping. Nail clipping requires caution, cutting to deeply can cause pain, soreness and bleeding and causing future problems when trying to clip them again. Letting nails grow too long can be just as painful and cause discomfort to your pet also. Pets that are exercised properly and let run will often times wear the nails off themselves, you will need to look at the nails frequently to make sure that there is no splitting or shelling of the out layer. Keeping a watchful eye on your dogs nails and his behavior will alert you to any problems in this area. If a dog is licking the nail, you can almost guess something is wrong. Be careful approaching your pet, if it is sore, they may snap at you as a warning that they don't want you messing with it. Chronic bad breath in your pet can be pretty rank at times, you can cure a lot of this by diet, brushing your dogs teeth or buying them bones that require chewing. The chewing action will remove plaque and build up from your dogs teeth and gums. There are actually dental bones on the market. Brushing the teeth may seem funny, but it only takes a few minutes and just like us, stimulating the gums with a toothbrush will make a dogs mouth healthier, letting them keep there teeth for many years to come. Keeping your pet's ears clean is one of the easiest of these four tasks, dogs just like us, develop ear wax and at times ear mites. Keeping your dog's ears clean is simple, just take a warm wet cloth and wipe the inside out. Do not use a que tip or any other object that can penetrate and do harm to the ear drum. A gentle wipe with a warm cloth will suffice. Anal glands can build up oils and these oils eventually release a foul odors, these glands can be clean by putting a latex glove on your hand, next lift the dog's tail upwards firmly with your left hand and press on both sides of the dog's anus using your thumb and your index finger with your right hand. This process is very smelling, it is not uncomfortable for the animal as long as it is done in a gentle fashion. As unpleasant as these tasks are to us, it is important to our pets to keep them feeling their best.