Pet Hospitals and Veterinarians in Wichita, Kansas

Keeping Your Four-Legged Family Member in Tip Top Shape To many individuals and families, their pets, especially cats and dogs, are considered members of the family. People want nothing but the best for their pets, and this is very true when talking about their health. Wichita, Kansas offers a variety of excellent veterinarian clinics to keep your pet as healthy as possible. One of the best veterinarian clinics in Wichita is the Pet Haven Vet Clinic located at 2518 W. 13th Street. Founded in 1994, Pet Haven offers x-ray services, lab testing and a pharmacy all in-house. They also have on-site boarding, grooming and animal training. They do offer reduced fees for spays and neuters due to the large number of unwanted animals put to sleep each year. One of the great features of Pet Haven is their drop off appointment policy. You can drop off your pet for a check-up or treatment and leave them there until you have time to pick them up later in the day. This is great for people who have to work or have other errands to run. In addition, a pet supply store is located next to Pet Haven, making it easy to keep your animal healthy and pick up any supplies you need all in one place. To acquire about other services or schedule an appointment, you can contact the Pet Haven Veterinarian Clinic at 316-942-2531 or Another excellent place to take your pet in Wichita when you are concerned about its health or need to have a check-up is the Heartland Animal Hospital. It specializes in cats and dogs, but it does take some other animals. Located at 4100 N. Woodlawn, Heartland offers a variety of services for your pet. These include vaccinations, wellness exams, surgery, dental work, blood testing, grooming, and boarding. They also offer chews, toys, shampoos, leashes and collars for sell. In addition they can custom make name tags and rabies tags while you wait. Contact the Heartland Animal Hospital at 316-744-2043 for more information. If you have a cat or kitten, you might take it to the Cat Hospital of Wichita, as it specializes in and treats only felines. This specialization allows for the hospital to have custom-built equipment and exam tables specifically for cats. The Cat Hospital offers services such as blood testing, x-rays, vaccinations and of course wellness exams. They can provide a blood pressure check for your cat and can have your cat checked for other potential diseases that could result in a premature death. In addition, the hospital does sell quality cat foods and prescription diet foods. The Cat Hospital is located at 6534 E. Central and can be reached by email at or by phone at 316-686-CATS. If you have just gotten a new pet or are looking for a different veterinarian than your current one, checking out the three veterinarian clinics listed here is a great idea. Each offers a variety of services designed to get your animal healthy and keep it there. Some of them even provide you with the added benefit of being able to get your pet supplies in one place, which gives you more quality time to spend with your favorite four-legged family member.