Pet Strollers: Is a Pet Stroller Right for You and Your Dog?

I have an adorable toy poodle named Oliver and his favorite activity is riding in his Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller. He loves it so much that he often sits contently in his stroller on our patio quietly observing the squirrels and birds that inhabit our backyard, happily occupied, while I enjoy my morning coffee. He is more human than dog and he truly seems to be fascinated by "people watching" from the safety of his dog stroller. It's also a great way to take him with me on walks without having to allow him on the ground, collecting burrs and dirt, getting wet and creating a grooming chore for me when we get home. I can find a nice, clean grassy area at the park and let him walk around for a while and then pop him back into his pet stroller for the walk home. All of our supplies fit nicely in the storage basket and our water bottles are close at hand in the parent tray. The pet stroller that I have and highly recommend is the Pet Gear Happy Trails Pet Stroller. It comes in various sizes and colors. Our stroller is blue but it's also available in pink. The stroller has 6-1/2-inch wheels; front shock absorbers that make it easy to navigate various terrains and a brake mechanism on the back wheels. The Pet Gear Happy Trails pet stroller collapses easily for storage. The pet stroller has a screen enclosure to ensure that your dog won't be able to jump out of the stroller, but will get plenty of fresh air and sunshine. An additional advantage of the mesh enclosure is that it is difficult to see into the stroller, so most people think you are pushing a human baby. This makes it easy to take your small dog into places like stores without anyone noticing. Pet strollers are becoming more and more common because ofthe increasing popularity of small dogs. These small dogs require more protection from the elements and also from the dangers of other larger dogs attacking them. A pet stroller may even save your small dogs life. In addition, baby boomers are increasingly turning to their pets for family companionship when their human children leave the nest. These furry family members are indulged every bit as much as their human counterparts. If you're reading this and nodding your head in interest, then I suggest you take the leap and join the increasing number of pet owners who have discovered a new and convenient way to include their beloved pets in their lives.