Aftercare for a pet is a difficult thing when the time comes. However, there are services that provide the necessary aftercare that pet owners are not prepared to deal with that help to ease the process. Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service in San Diego County is one such service. Serving San Diego North County, Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service is located at 120 North Pacific Street in the San Marcos community. Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service will however provide service for anyone in any part of San Diego County.

How many people really know what to do when a pet dies? What if a pet dies over the weekend of late at night? Until this actually happens to a pet owner, the actual procedure may not be known. Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service provides after hour pick up from one’s home or other locations from where the pet needs to be picked up as well as providing pick up service Monday through Sunday.

The unique service provided by Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service offers a variety of aftercare services for pets simply dependent upon the pet owner’s request. A basic package of cremation with an engraved pet urn, a paw print embedded in a clay disc, and a hair clipping cost approximately $195.00. In addition to the services mentioned the owners from Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service write a personal letter of sympathy to the pet owners, as well as providing two comforting poems that address the loss of a pet. Additionally the owners receive a certificate indicating the pet was cremated alone and that the cremains returned to the owner are in fact that of his or her beloved pet.

Where it is very difficult losing an animal, having the proper aftercare is very important to the owner and the family as well as to the eternal dignity and love for the pet as a family member. The services provided by Friends Forever Pet Cremation in San Diego North County provide not only one of the proper ways to provide aftercare for a beloved bet but also provide comfort and a sense of closure for the pet owners and the family. For pet owners who wish other services such as reserving a room for a showing, or upgrading the pet’s urn, other options are also available. Visit the official Web site for details.

Overall the service at Friends Forever Pet Cremation Service is excellent. The final result was impeccable. Pet owners and the deceased pet are treated with dignity and respect. The turnaround time for pet remains was 48 hours. It is obvious the owners of the business are pet lovers as the service could not have been performed better had it been their own pets.