Signs That Your Cat Needs Medical Attention

You may not believe it, but your cat may already be sick without you knowing about it. It’s important that you know your cat’s behavior, so that you can detect changes that may mean life or death for your feline companion. It could be anything, as you can see, and while most of the time it could be nothing, you should always be on the lookout since sometimes, it could be something very serious. sickcatMeow’s the word Some cats, by nature, are more vocal about their needs than others are. Others are perfectly fine doing their best imitation of a sphinx, even if you talk to them. What’s important, though, is to know when there is a change in their vocalizations. If a formerly loud cat suddenly becomes quiet, or if a quiet cat suddenly starts vocalizing at you, then you should take notice. If your cat is an unsprayed female, perhaps she’s just looking for male companionship, but a cat who has been fed and given loving attention and is still acting strangely in terms of vocalizing needs a second look. And if you can’t find anything wrong, then let a vet look. Colds and cats Cats with runny noses, and crust around the rims of their eyes most definitely have colds – or something like it. Barring the semi-cute, semi-gross sneezing, your cat may not just have the common cat cold, he or she may have feline herpes or feline calcivirus, both of which have symptoms similar to the cat colds. Take care of your cat closely, so you can keep track of new symptoms, or if it extends beyond a week or so. If one or both of those situations happen, then it’s time to visit the vet. Eating and sleeping

Because of their feline nature, cats tend to sleep around 16 hours a day. However, if your cat would prefer to sleep rather than play with you, or eat, you may have a sick kitty. This is particularly true if your cat doesn’t eat for more than two days. At that point, cat livers will ramp up the use of the cats own fat reserves. The bad news, however, is that cat livers aren’t used to this, so there may be more complications, like a fatty liver. Always monitor eating and sleeping habits – aside from having a sickness that causes it, the lack of food itself might create more problems.sickcats

Littering If your cat normally has no problem with using a litter box, and then starts to ahem, mark other places, you may have to address a cleanliness issue before a medical one. Make sure that you clean out the litter box daily, and, if possible, you should have a secondary litter box somewhere away from in-house human traffic. However, if the cat is still doing the deed in other places, you should take your cat to a vet as soon as you can, as it may be anything from a gastric or urinary infection, to a virus or parasite. Bald is not good Cats being the obsessive groomers that they are, losing some fur is normal, but if bald patches show through, then it’s time to visit a vet. Aside from skin infections and parasites, the cat may have thyroid issues. Besides, excessive fur loss won’t just mean ugly hairballs. The ingested fur may even become an intestinal obstruction. It’s always a good idea to check on your cat’s behavior – you never know if your cat is just being a cat, or if he or she is trying to tell you that it’s already sick, or sicker than you think.