Some Easy Tips for Pet Accident Removal

How to Clean up after Your Pet Hi, if you are a proud owner of a loving pet then you know they sometimes have accidents. I just got a new puppy a couple of weeks ago, he's an American Eskimo, and it wasn't very hard to train him. However, we did have just a few accidents that weren't that hard to fix. Mainly he will go to the bathroom outside or let us know he has to use the backyard. Our main issue was he was going in the middle of the night, while we were sleeping. I noticed he was beginning to go in the same spot. Usually when he poops I would just pick it up with toilet paper, or if he pees I would try it with a paper towel. I have hard wood floors so messes are easier to clean up. I did notice his pattern of repeating his mark in the same spot almost every night in the middle of the night. So I thought I would try something different. In the morning, I let him out to go to the bathroom, noticing his pee spot, and the poop. I then closed the curtains so he couldn't see me. Usually dogs feel like if you pick up their poop in front of them they feel like it's a gift to you. (Funny thing) I then cleaned the pee and poop as usual, but then used the Swiffer mop to get rid of his sent completely. I went over the floor twice. I was completely surprised when he came in! He ran up to me in excitement, but then he started sniffing around. I thought the Swiffer didn't get rid of the smell. But he paused completely confused, which was good because it showed me the idea worked. Since then he hasn't picked a new spot or went in the house. Now when he has to go, he wakes me up in the morning letting me know he needs to use the backyard. Also a very good thing to remember, if your dog poops inside don't stick his nose in it. Put your hands on your hip and say oh goodness, let him outside, and do not let him see you pick it up. But... if he goes outside, say good boy and pat his head, then he knows outside is good, inside is not. (For those of you who have carpet) Now I've noticed with previous pets and carpet, pet stain remover, sent remover, never really worked for me. I tried using just a few drops of TIDE ultra care( remember not to use a lot just a couple very little drops) and rinsed a rag then scrubbed the carpet. It got rid of the smell, and cleaned it all up without me buying an expensive product. I hope you found this information helpful. Thank you and good luck.