The 5 most popular breeds of dogs

Dogs are believed to be a man’s best friend, thanks the loyalty and liveliness they come with. They are also pretty affectionate and caring. They have been domesticated by mankind since time immemorial and helped us in companionship, protection, etc. Nowadays, however, they have taken up an even more important role of assisting military and police with their important operations. During the past few years, however, dogs as a pet have gained tremendous popularity and importance and as a result, more and more people are getting dog as their pet. However, with some intensive research on the breeds of dogs have showed that there are some particular breeds of dogs that have went way more popular than others, thanks to their certain important and impressive qualities. Let’s take a look at such popular breeds of dogs: puppy looking out the car windowGerman shepherd German shepherd, also known as Alsatian, is a considerably new breed of dog. Initially, it was believed to be of a great use for guarding sheep, herding, and similar activities. Being used for such important activities, this breed is obviously quite intelligent, strong as well as obedient. These skills also help it find a way into the assisting team of military and police across the world. Hence, it doesn’t come as much of a surprise seeing such an intelligent dog on the most popular breeds of dogs list. Labrador Retriever This is another popular and intelligent breed of dog. Hence, it too is considered to be an important dog breed for the military and police forces. However, it’s also very kind, compassionate and loving, which also make it a pretty lovable breed of dog. Doberman Pinscher This breed is popularly known as the Doberman. This is a pretty old breed of dog as it was developed in the 1890s. They were once in quite a lot of demand for being used as police and military dogs, though that has now lessened quite a bit, thanks to the emergence of even more intelligent breeds of dogs like the German shepherd and Labrador Retriever. However, they are still quite loved as an alert, loyal and friendly breed of dog. Beautiful happy reddish havanese puppy dog is sitting frontalPoodle This too, is one of the most intelligent breeds of dog you will ever come across. Being found in various sizes and coat colors, it has quite a lot in store for almost everyone, regardless of their preferences. Originally developed as water dogs, this breed is now popular as one of the friendliest breeds of dog. This breed is also very popular sports dog as it’s quite skilful when it comes to activities like tracking, agility, following the instructions and so on. St. Bernard Though this breed was quite popular even initially, its popularity actually took an uphill turn when it was featured in the blockbuster movie Beethoven. St. Bernard, besides being popular, is also believed to be very compassionate towards its owner and the other family members. However, this breed of dog is quite loved by a lot a people, as it stands out from all its counterparts as it is believed to have saved a lot of lives of people trapped in snow during some very challenging and rough weather conditions.