The Best Cat Litter for Your Kitty

Cat litter actually does everyone a favor, by allowing your cat to do its duty without the smell that comes with it. Simply put, cat litter absorbs the cat’s urine and covers the feces, and usually has one chemical mechanism or the other to prevent the litter box (and the surroundings) to smell bad.With that in mind, there are two general kinds of litter: clumping and non-clumping.Cat in litter box

Clumping litter Clumping litter usually sticks together when in the presence of cat urine and this makes it easier to scoop up along with the solid waste when it’s time to replace the litter, or at least clean it up every day. The remaining litter in the box can be added to every week. However, it’s a good idea to replace the litter completely every three or four weeks, and then wash the litter box thoroughly. Non-Clumping litter This type of litter is made from natural clay, and is dried until it becomes granular. While it can be available as is, some versions have it with additives such as baking soda or scent-freshening chemicals. As with clumping litter, you should scoop out solid waste every day, but the whole litter has to be replaced every week, and the box thoroughly washed. If there is a lot of urine, you may have to replace the litter sooner. Fill in the box If you’re wondering, then the proper litter level should be at least two inches deep. You should also consider plastic litter box liners, as these can make clean up much easier. Best bets for your cat There are many kinds of cat litter, and to be honest, your cat may or may not like them. However, here are some of the best cat litter brands in the market. Feline Pine This cat litter is made out of biodegradable pine-lumber pellets, and as such, can be reused as yard mulch. You can even flush it down the toilet. It’s a safe for very young kittens. It’s also more economical, since you only need to use an inch-high layer in the box. However, this is not a clumping litter, and some cats just don’t like the texture. Tidy Cats Pure Nature This litter brand is popular, and this is the scented natural alternative. However, do be aware that the litter is light, and may leave litter tracks. Worlds’ Best Cat Litter This is an extremely good clumping litter, though the smell might be a bit strange to human noses. As with other “natural” or biodegradable litter, this can be used for yard mulch later on, or flushed down the toilet. Some cats might prefer something that has finer grain, though. Scoop Away Multiple Cat Formula This seems to earn the cat’s meow for fine-grained, clumping cat litter. However, it is fine-grained, and might not be suitable for kittens. You may also have to do a bit more vacuuming around the house, given that possibility of litter tracking. Dr. Elsey’s Precious Cat Attract Cat Litter This clumping clay litter is a favorite for veterinarians, since its formulation makes it perfect for use in training kittens to use a litter box.